John Kasich Enshrined In The G.O.P. Hall of Shame

John Kasich GOP Hall of Shame

John Kasich receives the news of his enshrinement

Over the years, I’ve written quite a bit on the squishiness of RINOs within the Republican party, even going as far as giving many of them a place on the Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame. Enshrinees earn this distinction when they claim to adhere to conservative values―usually when they want your money or your vote―only to betray those values once the election is over; sometimes even before the election.

Some of the names you’ll find there include: Mitch McConnell, John McCain, John Boehner, and Mitt Romney, just to name a few. But in light of recent events, it is clear to the Strident Conservative that another name needs to be added, a man who is currently a candidate for President.

In the aftermath of Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the supreme court, even Mitch McConnell saw this as nothing more than an attempt by the administration to load the court with another left-wing extremist.

Garland is considered anti-second amendment. He favors EPA over regulation, and has a murky history concerning abortion and social issues. He also favors requiring religious organizations to provide abortifacients under Obamacare, which also calls into question his views on religious liberty.

Despite these facts, our Hall of Shame Candidate not only thinks Garland should get a vote in the senate, but he would consider nominating him himself if he were president.

No surprise really, considering his numerous votes against gun rights; with one such vote actually earning him a letter of thanks from Bill Clinton. In addition, our candidate favors:

  • Expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare
  • Citizenship for illegals
  • Common core
  • Same-sex marriage as “the law of the land.”

So, for his efforts to redefine conservatism―his words, not mine—and running a campaign closer to the Democrat platform than the republican, please join me in welcoming John Kasich as the latest enshrine into the Gutless on Principals (GOP) Hall of Shame.


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