RINO Jeff Flake is conservative because . . . election season

So, you know we’re entering election season when Republicans with an “F” grade on Conservative Review, such as Jeff Flake (AZ) begin touting the need for America to return to conservative values. It’s been standard operating procedure for many years within the Republican party, and it’s the primary reason that voters gave the GOP full control of Washington in 2016.

But as we learned under the leadership of Trump, McConnell, and Ryan (sounds like a sleazy law firm, doesn’t it?), any talk of conservatism is motivated by convenience, not conscience. Still, that doesn’t stop them from pulling out the “I’m a conservative, really!” playbook every election cycle.

This brings us back to Jeff Flake, who recently wrote a book called “Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle.” If you have a hard time finding it in your local library, try the fiction section.

In his book, Flake declares that America needs to return to “traditional conservatism” which includes: limited government, economic freedom, individual responsibility, and free trade—if you close your eyes and say those words over and over again, it almost sounds real. Flake also challenges Donald Trump to be more presidential—which is a part of the book I like—but then blames everyone but himself for Trump’s presidency.

And there’s the rub. Besides playing the conservative card as a matter of convenience, Flake and the rest of the RINO establishment are responsible for creating the environment that made Trump’s presidency possible.

Beginning with the lie (his word, not mine) that he would only serve three terms in the House of Representatives—he served six—Flake has continued his lying ways as Senator, working in partnership with Senate Majority Leader Liar Mitch McConnell. During his first term in the Senate, Flake has:

But Flake is conservative because . . . election season.


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