It’s Veteran’s Day and the VA scandal continues

Today is Veteran’s Day, so allow me to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to the men and women who have served, or are now serving, in the military. Your service is appreciated more than I you will ever know.

Sadly, the Obama administration and his people working in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs don’t appear to feel the same way, as is evidenced by the continuing scandal with healthcare for our veterans. In the face of growing failure, the bureaucrats in the VA continue to drag out the congressional investigations into their ineptitude and the cover-ups that followed, all the while crying about the need for more money.

New proof of just how far they will go to keep the truth from being revealed was recently revealed through a series of emails obtained by Dennis Wagner at The Arizona Republic.

According to these emails, then acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson and acting VA Inspector General Richard Griffin manipulated a report in order to hide the causes of death for 40 veterans who died while waiting for care at the Phoenix VA Hospital. This effort was further aided by Rob Nabors, the monitor appointed by Obama to oversee the investigation.

The VA needs real reform. And if Congress is to keep the faith with those who serve our country, it must act sooner rather than later on this travesty. Our injured veterans have earned it—and they deserve no less!


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