Now that the election is over, let’s change the game


Today is Election Day +1. After a nip-and-tuck day at the polls, Donald Trump, thanks to a movement orchestrated by the non-conservative alt-right, will be the 45th President of the United States. But don’t despair, we have only 728 days before the mid-term elections of 2018, and a mere 1456 days until America goes to the polls again to replace the New York Liberal.

Even though the result of the campaign between Dem and Dem-er turned out differently than many thought, the sad reality is that the difference between Hillary and Trump is negligible when it comes to issues important to Conservatives longing to see America return to her constitutional roots. This means that the days of being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils need to end . . . starting right now!

The consequences of continuing to play a game consisting of two parties, built by the two parties for the benefit of the two parties are so grave that if we continue to participate in their system, we do so at our own peril.

My friends at The Resurgent are calling for The Restoration that can only be realized by a new Resistance, and they describe it this way:

“On the morning of November 9, the slow process of turning our Resistance movement into a broad-scale civic restoration will commence.  We will need to re-promulgate and evangelize our principles, elevate morality back into its rightful place in the national conscience, expiate the post-Russell Kirk/William F. Buckley conservative movement of the wretched cancer represented by the racists and Jew-haters of the so-called ‘alt-right’ (whilst leaving be the merely more overtly populist-minded/Pat Buchanan-esque voters), and then take the fight to the Left.”

It’s important to remember that when we say the “left,” we aren’t only talking about Democrats. Being on the left is how we describe everyone not considered a Conservative. For example: Republican Mitch McConnell was no different that Democrat Harry Reid when it came to advancing Obama’s radical agenda.

So, beginning today, we are saying adios to the corrupt two-party system. No longer are we willing to play the game–it’s time to CHANGE the game. While there is a laundry list of things we’ll need to do, we can focus on two items right away.

  1. Article V Convention of States – We can no longer trust Washington to change Washington. The Founding Fathers gave the states the tool necessary to reign in an out-of-control federal government in Article V of the Constitution. You can find out more at
  2. The new Federalist Party – One of the reasons third-party candidates have failed in past elections is that there hasn’t been a long-range game plan to build a party capable of opposing the two-party system without playing the two-party game. The Federalist Party will change this paradigm. If you would like to find out more, or you would like to receive updates about this new conservative party, you can email – – or go to The New Americana to subscribe.

This election was an abhorrent affair run by abhorrent people. If we possess the will, we can change that in future elections by changing the game!


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