Is Trump’s lie about being a victim actually a campaign strategy?

Victim CardOver the weekend, the Republican party of Wyoming held their state conventions to elect the delegates they will send to the national convention in Cleveland later this year. At stake were fourteen delegates, and Ted Cruz won them all. You may recall that a similar type of convention was held in Colorado earlier this month; Ted Cruz took all 34 of the delegates available.

You may also recall that Donald Trump used his humiliating defeat in the Centennial State as fodder to fuel the false narrative that his delegates were stolen by party bosses who were denying the people an opportunity to have their voices heard as a means to deny his nomination.

Trump repeated a similar accusation leading up to the Wyoming vote:

“Wyoming actually said they’re going to save costs, and didn’t want to go to an election with the people.”

On this he’s right. Wyoming did make this decision… FORTY YEARS AGO! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the Trumpster decided to run for president. But even that doesn’t matter because Trump wrote off Wyoming before the convention was even held:

“I’m funding my own campaign, and I’m putting up my own money. I’m not going to go out and waste a lot of money…I don’t want to waste money going to Wyoming, sending crews for months and months knowing you’re not going to beat the bosses. I’ve beaten the bosses.”

Well, I guess not EVERY boss, eh Donnie?

In both Colorado and Wyoming, the man who claims to possess the qualities necessary to be president due to his “success” as a big business leader failed because of his ineptitude when it comes to running a big presidential campaign.

So why does the petulant child who would be president continue to spread the false narrative about stolen delegates as he penned in a recent Wall Street Journal column? Perhaps it’s because he has elected to employ the Sun Tzu “winning by losing” strategy; turning losses–even imaginary ones–into leverage. Sun Tzu, as you may know, is the author of the 5th Century BC book Art of War.

That’s the conclusion of Rush Limbaugh and Joseph Farah of World Net Daily. They contend that Trump knew about the rules in states like Colorado and Wyoming but he figured that they would be irrelevant by now. When that was no longer the case, the losing strategy was launched.

Over the past few weeks, Trump has lost the delegate wars. But instead of playing by the rules and developing a strategy to win them, he is attempting to do what he claims the RNC is doing — he wants to disenfranchise states like Colorado and Wyoming and steal the nomination.

Sun Tzu would be proud.


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