IRS plan will require nonprofits to collect Social Security numbers

SS card graphicDo you remember how, during the 2012 elections cycle, the Internal Revenue Service was under fire of taking a number of actions against Conservatives and T.E.A. Party groups attempting to register as 501c4 nonprofits in order to operate during those elections? Do you remember how they harassed these groups with outrageous demands, such as: asking religious groups about the contents of their prayers, and asking other groups to make a commitment not to oppose Planned Parenthood.

Well, the hits just keep on coming.

According to a story on FOX News, the IRS has come up with a new way to harass nonprofits and the people who give them money as we approach the 2016 elections season — require the nonprofit to collect the Social Security numbers of their donors who donate more than $250 or more in a year.

At this point, it’s just a proposal. But based on the past history of the agency, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s all but done.

Besides the obvious fact that the IRS simply can’t be trusted, Attorney Cleta Mitchell told FOX that this change would essentially destroy the ability of charitable groups to raise funds:

It’s the number one regulation that people are commenting upon … It would have a dramatic effect on donors’ decisions on whether or not to contribute.”

Mitchell represents the TRUE the VOTE group—themselves a victim of the IRS harassment—in their lawsuit over the previous IRS attacks. As a result, the attacks were confirmed by the agency in 2013, and they admitted that IRS agents “targeted” T.E.A. Party and other groups from 2010 to about April 2012. An IRS commissioner was terminated, and the Justice Department and Congress began an investigation as a result.

No one faced criminal charges. In fact, the Justice Department has recently closed their investigation, calling the scandal nothing more than a matter of some mismanagement.

But they are criminal, in addition to unconstitutional, and should be prosecuted. But they won’t be, will they?

We have a bunch of inside-the-beltway Republicans who are more concerned with keeping their jobs in the upcoming elections than they are about stopping Obama. In fact, with the omnibus scheduled for a vote on December 11th—a bill that fully funds Obama’s illegal immigration agenda—they’ll probably write the check for their illegal activities.

As far as the IRS plan to force barely able to get by nonprofits to begin collecting SS numbers? Besides the obvious identity theft risk it raises, it looks like Obama will have one more tool in his arsenal of weapons to use against his political enemies.



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