In the world of Planned Parenthood, not all Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

As the founder of the American Birth Control League which later became Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger was a firm believer in eugenics as a way to eliminate the “unfit” by preventing them from being born.

The eugenics movement aimed to improve the genetic composition of the human race. The use of the word — it means “well-born” — originated in 1883 by Sir Francis Galton, a British scholar and cousin of Charles Darwin. It was Galton’s belief that the condition of the human race could be improved via the selective breeding of individuals possessing desired traits. This is commonly referred to as “positive eugenics.”

Sanger was a believer in “negative eugenics” and used it as a basis to create what would become Planned Parenthood. In her rejection of positive eugenics, Sanger connected birth control and eugenics when she wrote:

“Like the advocates of Birth Control, the eugenicists, for instance, are seeking to assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit. Both are seeking a single end but they lay emphasis upon different methods. Eugenics without Birth Control seems to us a house builded upon the sands. It is at the mercy of the rising stream of the unfit.”

In the 1930s, Sanger used negative eugenics to create the “Negro Project,” a plan designed to “kill off the black race.” And it was her work in eugenics that inspired Adolf Hitler to eventually slaughter over six-million Jews.

In today’s America where Black Lives Matter Marxists are demanding restitution for years of oppression and torture, Planned Parenthood has been spared the group’s wrath for some reason. But in an effort to raise its level of “wokeness,” the organization responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies in their “health” clinics every year — 78 percent of these clinics are located in minority communities — has volunteered to correct the “historical reproduction harm” it has caused in communities of color.

Are they shutting down clinics in minority neighborhoods? No. Are they offering reparations as BLM is demanding of others? No. Are they at least going to attempt to reduce the number of Black abortions? No way.

To make up for the murder of unborn black babies and Margaret Sanger’s desire to “exterminate the Negro population,” Planned Parenthood will attempt to rewrite its history by removing her name from a Manhattan clinic:

A spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, Melanie Roussell Newman, said in a statement that removing Sanger’s name is a step “to address historical inequities to better serve patients.” She further stated that “Planned Parenthood, like many other organizations that have existed for a century or more, is reckoning with our history, and working to address historical inequities to better serve patients and our mission.”

In the world of the Orwellian Far-Left, this worthless gesture will be sufficient because it lets Planned Parenthood appear to support BLM while simultaneously making it possible for them to pursue Sanger’s genocidal goal of wiping out Black America. Here’s how…

George Orwell wrote that “The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. With Planned Parenthood removing Sanger’s name, it will “deny and obliterate” the Black community’s understanding of their history with the baby killers. Meanwhile, the slaughter of unborn Black babies will continue under a new name, and the genocidal ambitions found in Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project will be swept under the rug to be forever forgotten.

Because in the world of Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter . . . except for unborn Black lives.


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