Illegal aliens sue US for $10 million and you’ll never guess why

Undocumented Unafraid UnapologeticFive illegal immigrants from Central America have filed an administrative claim in preparation to filing a lawsuit against the United States government. They are claiming $10 million in damages for abuse and neglect at the center where they are being housed and fed at U.S. taxpayer expense!

In a column I wrote earlier in the year I discussed the Obama administration’s “Family Reunification Centers.” With so many America-destroying parts moving at once its admittedly getting difficult to keep up with them all but try to recall those photos of bus, car, truck and trainloads of immigrants streaming across our southern border in droves, mostly minors.

Then remember those buses (paid for by you) which were all over the news a year ago? Department of Homeland Security coaches with the windows whited out so we (the people who own them) could not see who was inside? Those buses were being used to shuttle tens and tens of thousands of children and young people to Family Reunification Centers in locations around our country.

Now after allowing them in, feeding and housing them at no cost to them whatsoever, at least 5 illegals have decided its time to really get paid. Illegal aliens from Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador are seeking millions of dollars in damages and claim they received poor medical care and suffered psychologically from being detained.

Andrew Free, a lawyer representing the above-mentioned illegal aliens has brought the suit claiming abuse and neglect, said, “Each one of these five women has stepped forward to bear witness to the reality of what’s happening in the government’s refugee family internment camps,” and now Free and the illegal immigrants –who, rather than suing this despicable country that’s treating them so horribly could always just GO BACK– is seeking damages from you and me.

Yancy Mejía came to this with a broken finger she suffered during a gang rape in her home country of El Salvador. How long ago the gang rape and broken finger occurred is unknown but Mejia demanded medical attention while living at the Southern Texas Family Residential Center. She claims Homeland Security neglected her medical needs and mistreated her.  Yes, that’s right. Gang raped in El Salvador and now her ‘mistreatment’ complaint is …. neglecting of prompt medical attention.

Celina Gutiérrez Cruz is also represented by Mr. Free. Ms. Cruz told reporters she fled Honduras after a gang beat her and tried to force her to traffic drugs. But somehow for her life in America is so bad she has to sue and recover millions of dollars to make it better.

Ms. Mieja told reporters, “It was horrible living in that place. I spent so much time suffering in that prison. We came to this country looking for help. It’s an injustice that they lock us up for months.” 

So they’ve gone from living in a pseudo-barbaric place where they’re being raped and beaten to a place where they are being housed and fed for free but getting in to see a doctor may take longer than they’d like. The solution? Sue, of course.

Welcome to America, ladies. You should fit right in.


Derrick WilburnDerrick Wilburn is the Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and American Conservatives of Color.

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