I agree with Sen. Landrieu–Getting rid of Mary(s) would not be good


In December, 2013, we found ourselves in full agreement with Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) when she encouraged Louisiana citizens to “unelect” her for being the deciding vote—a vote that she takes 100% responsibility for—that passed Obamacare. Today, we find ourselves once again in full agreement with the flip-flopping Democrat.

In a recent interview with the gang at “Morning Joe” on MSNBC—a Democrat in trouble doing an interview on MSNBC . . . what are the odds?—Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) made her case for reelection stating she was one of a dying breed of Democrats who are willing to compromise.

“I think we need senators that will find a common ground and compromise,” Landrieu said. I’m one of the few that’s left. So getting rid of me and a few other people would not be good for the country and its future.”

I guess in Mary’s little imaginary world, when you vote with Obama 96% of the time—even though she’s had a “come to Jesus”moment regarding Obama’s energy policies conveniently timed for her re-election—that makes you bipartisan.

Apparently, attacking voters whose experiences are contrary to your talking points is too! When Christopher Schiff, a Marine Corp veteran—the “p” is silent, Mr. Obama—with private insurance, appeared in an American’s for Prosperity ad that told how he was adversely affected by Obamacare, Landrieu went on the attack that would make Harry Reid proud:

“Louisianans know better than to believe what they hear from the out-of-state billionaire Koch brothers.”

The Koch brothers are the founders of American’s for Prosperity and have become the favorite whipping boy for Reid and his fellow hypocrite in the Senate—Landrieu has received money from the Kochs—whenever they need to change the subject. Reid and company have even blamed the Koch brothers for global warming, but I digress.

Landrieu is proud of her Obamacare vote, has gone on record that she would vote for it again, and challenged voters in Louisiana to kick her out of office if they don’t like her style of bipartisanship; though she says that doing so would not be good for the country and its future. On this last point, I must agree.

Getting rid of Landrieu would not be good for the country, it would be GREAT for the country!

By the way, you could say that there are two “Marys” running for Senate in Louisiana: the first is Landrieu and the second is William “Bill” Cassidy (RINO), who has been the U.S. Representative for Louisiana’s 6th congressional district since 2009. His voting record on several key issues is a near mirror image to Landrieu’s and he gave money to her re-election campaign. In a strange twist of irony, Cassidy has also experienced his own come to Jesus moment concerning the oil industry and its effect on Louisiana just in time for his campaign.

The only way to get rid of both Marys is to vote for Rob Maness. And that, my friends, would be GREAT!


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