I Agree With John Kerry

In a refreshing change of heart, it appears that John Kerry added another flip-flop to his long list of double-minded positions on an issue, but this time he was right in doing so and I agree with his new position.

In an interview on MSNBC ‘s “Morning Joe” program, Sir Flips-Alot expressed his displeasure with the political movement his fellow progressives have come to call “Tea Party Terrorists” by suggesting that the media put aside any concerns about “fairness” and simply censor the views of those who identify with the Tea Party.

This is contrary to his previous position concerning the issue of fairness in the media. In the past, he has been a big fan of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine, but he has now seen the light and opposes it.

“And I have to tell you, I say this to you politely. The media in America has a bigger responsibility than it’s exercising today. The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual.

“It doesn’t deserve the same credit as a legitimate idea about what you do. And the problem is everything is put into this tit-for-tat equal battle and America is losing any sense of what’s real, of who’s accountable, of who is not accountable, of who’s real, who isn’t, who’s serious, who isn’t?”

Bravo, Senator Kerry! I don’t think the media should be subject to the Fairness Doctrine either. Of course, we agree for entirely different reasons.

I oppose it because I believe in free speech. You oppose it because you want to silence those you don’t agree with.

I close with the scary thought of the day.

If 59,301 of the 5.6 million votes cast between Kerry and G.W. Bush in Ohio had gone to Kerry instead of Bush, this moron would have been our President in 2004.

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