Hey Barry! Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Israel!

During a White House press briefing, the following incident took place between White House Propaganda Press Secretary Jay Carney and two reporters present:

While there are those who want to assume – remember what happens when you “ass-u-me” – that Carney was simply experiencing a moment of temporary memory loss, we should not be deceived. Carney knew the answer to the question, he just didn’t want to give it.

Here’s why. . .

If Carney had said “Jerusalem,” the White House would have likely offended Muslims around the world that Barry – “I’m not a Muslim, oh wait, maybe I am” – has gone out of his way to embrace even though we are still at war against radical Islam.

By the way, Rev. Jeremiah Wright – you know, the pastor of the church Obama attended and/or never attended for 20 years – stated in an interview with author Ed Klein ( The Amateur ) that he made it comfortable for Obama to accept Christianity without the need for him to renounce his Islamic faith. Could explain quite a bit, don’t you think?

Further evidence of Obama’s anti-Israel/pro-Islam policies:

  1. Obama has never visited Israel as President – although he has promised to if reelected – but he has visited nearly every Muslim nation in the Middle East.
  2. His administration has removed all discussion of Islam and jihad from the central document of our national security strategy. America is at war against radical Islam, but Obama isn’t.
  3. Let’s not forget Obama’s ineptitude concerning Iran. From refusing to support the 2009 Green Revolution, to his vacillating efforts concerning Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Obama has shown either a lack of understanding with Iran, or an unexplained favoritism towards the radical Islamists ruling that nation. Either way, Israel could be the one who suffers in the end.

In addition, the unchanging “position” Carney spoke of is a reference to Obama’s May 19, 2011 call for Israel to return to its 1967 borders, making Israel’s ability to defend herself impossible. It would also require Israel to return East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Though just a snapshot, actions such as these have led former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to conclude that the Obama Administration is the most hostile towards Israel, ever.

Of course, Carney could have said Tel Aviv was the capital. This would have satisfied Obama’s Muslim infatuation, but it would have still caused trouble for the White House. The reason? Mitt Romney.

The presumed Republican nominee will be visiting Israel in the next few days and if Carney had stated Tel Aviv was the capital of Israel, it would have given Romney fodder for his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Not to mention that he would have alienated Jewish voters in America. After already doing that during his first run for office, doing it again during his reelection could prove fatal to his chances to win.

Some might believe that Carney was simply being forgetful concerning his Middle East geography, but don’t you believe it. As Obama’s voice to the American people, he knows exactly the answer to the question.

Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.


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