Helsinki summit was the cherry on top of Trump’s anti-NATO sundae

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Based on Trump’s meetings with our NATO allies, his Helsinki summit with his BFF Vladimir Putin, and his repeated episodes of Foot-in-Mouth disease since returning home, I don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to conclude that Donald Trump has experienced the worst two weeks of his tenure as POTUS.

While much of the attention has been on Trump’s disastrous Helsinki summit, which he and #Cult45 blame on the “Fake News” media and anti-trump Republicans, many have forgotten how his NATO meetings were Putin-inspired and probably Putin approved.

It can be argued that NATO has become too big and has only been successful due to heavy subsidies from America, but Trump can’t be throwing around threats about abandoning the 70-year-old treaty as he did in a post-Helsinki interview with Trump Pravda’s Tucker Carlson. In response to a hypothetical question about using NATO to defend Montenegro — a country Putin has had his eye on for its easy access to the Adriatic Sea — Trump said that honoring Article V of the NATO treaty would lead to World War III.

Besides the fact that talk about abandoning NATO and starting World War III has become a standard talking-point to defend Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia by people like Sen. Rand Paul, the willingness of the Nationalist/Globalist — his words, not mine — occupying the White House to openly state that a NATO ally might be on its own if attacked falls right in line with Putin’s desire to see NATO dismantled. With NATO gone, Putin would be free to advance his goal of rebuilding Russia into its former USSR glory.

In response to Trump’s careless comments about NATO and Russia, Republicans in the Senate have been forced into damage-control mode ahead of the elections — the only time they do as they should is when an election is at stake — as Mitch McConnell released a statement assuring NATO allies that they are still our friends while Russia is not.

Putin is apparently feeling little threat from Trump’s Neville Chamberlain-styled diplomacy. Just a few days ago, the Russian president dictator issued a warning to NATO against any attempts to cultivate closer ties with Ukraine and Georgia — an idea discussed at the NATO meeting — promising to respond “appropriately” to “such an irresponsible” policy.

While the Helsinki summit got all the headlines, Trump’s entire trip was a series of events confirming his capitulation to the Russian Bear and his desire to dismantle NATO, a position Trump began advocating during his 2016 campaign.

And that could bring a REAL World War III. Just sayin’.


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