Sean “The Hack” Hannity renews his Trumplican Party credentials

After doubling down on his threat to silence NBC and any other news outlets reporting stories that fail to please the Narcissist-in-Chief, Donald Trump took time away from his Twitter account long enough to grant an interview on a network he never threatens—the no longer fair and balanced FOX News. Conducting the interview was none other than Trump’s favorite man-crush and chief propagandist on all things Trump, Sean Hannity.

The interview, which took place on a Pennsylvania Air National Guard base, was classic Trump. Some of the highlights—or should I say lowlights—included:

  • Demonstrating his complete ignorance concerning the national debt by saying that the country’s exploding deficits really don’t matter as long as Wall Street continues to make lots of money.

  • After telling Hannity “You can’t disrespect our flag,” Trump failed to honor the flag during the playing of Retreat, the song played when lowering the flag at the end of the duty day on every military base. While military members in the audience, along with civilians, stood in honor of the flag, Trump continued talking as he made jokes about how the song was likely being played in honor of Hannity’s TV ratings.

Noticeably absent from the Trump and Hannity love fest was any discussion about the threats made against NBC and the so-called “Fake News” media. Not surprising, really, when you consider that Hannity has supported shutting down news outlets in the past for their refusal to kneel before Zod.

While certainly unbecoming of a so-called conservative, the word conservative no longer applies to Hannity. As we see in his response to a dispute between Senator Ben Sasse and Donald Trump, Hannity is a bonafide member of the Trumplican Party. In the aftermath of Trump’s tweet threatening the First Amendment rights of the press, Sasse sent a tweet of his own, calling out the New York Liberal for his apparent failure to protect and defend the Constitution.

And how did Hannity respond to this assault against his Master?

Actually, Mr. Hannity, I’d say your sellout of conservative values in exchange for a seat at Trump’s table is a much bigger mistake.


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