As Paris approaches, global warming extremists are freaking out!

Paris Climate Talks

The United Nations’ Climate Summit is coming up in a few weeks, and the global warming fanatics are panicking because recent polls show that most people aren’t all that concerned about the faux issue. There are many theories about why this is happening, but the most logical is that people are simply more aware of the truth.

For instance, the fact that there hasn’t been any measurable rise in global temperatures for nearly 19 years.

Still, the global warming extremists are grasping at straws as they try to drum up the fear-mongering. For instance, in a recent speech by California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown called global warming an “existential threat” that demanded an all-out, national effort like the World War II Manhattan Project to build the atom bomb.

Using a World War II reference in an effort to defend his extreme view? I guess that makes sense when you consider that the lefties have called this the “war on global warming.” It would be nice though if we could use the term for something real, wouldn’t it? Say… the war on radical Islam for instance?

To be fair, the administration has called global warming “the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction.” So I guess you can forgive the Governor’s comments.

Most Americans aren’t buying the idea that the United Nations or any government agency should be empowered with the authority to tax, regulate and/or police in order to deal with this “crisis,” but it isn’t just Americans who are resisting the human-caused global warming hysteria. For instance, a story in The New American reported in August that the UN’s own MY WORLD global survey of seven million people.

What are the important issues? According to the UN global poll, they are:

A good education
Better healthcare
Better job opportunities
An honest and responsive government
Affordable and nutritious food
Protection against crime and violence
Access to clean water and sanitation
Support for people who can’t work
Better transport and roads
Reliable energy at home
Equality between men and women
Political freedoms
Freedom from discrimination and persecution
Protecting forests, rivers, and oceans
Phone and Internet Access
Action taken on climate change [Emphasis added.]

Nevertheless, the United Nations, President Obama and other politicians who claim to speak for “the people” are determined to push through their plan to “save” the planet.



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