Getting Married? Need Gift Ideas? Let The Obama Event Registry Help

Sure, newlyweds need silly little things like dishes, towels, and assorted do-dads, but how can that possibly compare to Obama’s need to finance his reelection campaign?

Giving for the anointed one’s campaign has been less-than-stellar – in fact, it has many Democrats around the country concerned – and Hollywood airheads elites can only raise so many millions before it makes them look like Hollywood elites instead of the caring liberals the pretend to be.

So, in an effort to steal needed gifts raise money from people on their special day, the Obama team has created the Obama Event Registry. While you might think this is satire, it’s not:

Who needs to stimulate the economy by buying gifts when you can help reelect the guy who presided over the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression? Why spend money to show someone how much you love them when you can send money to show how much Obama loves himself?

Obama has been called the most arrogant man in the world (see funny video), but I think that the Obama Event Registry is proof-positive about how much Obama really cares. . . .  about himself.


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