Get ready for the Conservative Revolution!

Thomas Jefferson - a little rebellion

John Boehner is retiring because of the pressure he was getting from the Conservatives in Congress. The presumed successor, Kevin McCarthy, decided not to pursue the job due to the same pressure. But the Republican 2012 vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, appears to have succeeded in extorting enough Conservative votes to become the next Speaker of the House.

In a piece I wrote a few days ago, we learned that Ryan had become the House version of Barack Obama in that he commanded the unconditional acceptance from fellow Republicans, and if anyone dared challenge his monarchical reign, they would likely be punished.

Today, Glenn Beck expressed the frustration of Conservatives everywhere over the Ryan situation:

“The “fix” the republic needs is Paul Ryan? The man who never met a bailout he didn’t like? A man who asked to be made king? 100% support and you can’t vote him out?

Your solution is MORE POWER FOR THE SPEAKER?!?!?!?

I am quite frankly pissed and I am guessing so is my audience.

This feels like a betrayal of everything you told us you needed, wanted and asked for.

Maybe you made some back room deal,(another violation of our trust) and I sure would like to hear the deal you made, but you have just jumped the shark.”

As a Conservative who agrees with Beck’s conclusion that this is nothing less than a complete sellout to the Republican establishment, a recent poll by World Net Daily and Clout Research now carries a bit more significance.

In a telephone survey conducted October 15-19, an amazing two-thirds of likely GOP voters believed that the new House speaker should have been someone from outside Congress. And Republicans were joined by independent voters.

The poll found 63.6 percent of the GOP voters preferred an outsider to take the reins in the House, and 73.9 percent of Independents agreed. Overall, 65.5 of the respondents, including nearly 40 percent of Democrats, favored bringing in an outsider, as permitted by the Constitution.

Fritz Wenzel, chief of Clout Research, concluded:

“The party rank-and-file is ready for a revolution. After two landmark midterm elections back-to-back that dramatically changed the U.S. House complexion, making it more conservative, and after they have won very little for all their work, Republican voters appear willing to double down on change.”

A few days ago we published a great piece by Strident Conservative contributor Nelson Hultberg, entitled “America and the Breaking Point” where we learned how we stand on the verge of a political revolution.

What will that look like? Perhaps it’s the growing movement for an Article V Convention. But one thing is certain. Conservatives have been betrayed once again, and as far as this Conservative is concerned, it’s the last time!



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