Gay Mafia suing LDS Church for exercising constitutional rights

As the election season was heating up back in August, I wrote a series of articles calling on the spiritual leaders of America to exercise a little civil disobedience by rejecting the restrictions imposed on their constitutional rights under the Johnson Amendment to the IRS code. The amendment prohibits them from speaking out on political issues from the pulpit, and punishes religious non-profits with the revocation of their tax-exempt status if they fail to comply.

Essentially, the federal government paid the church to be silent, which allowed politicians and political organizations to advance their agenda even if it violated the constitutional rights of religious groups.

Regular readers of the Strident Conservative also know that I have written quite a bit about the Gay Mafia‘s thuggery against people of faith as they work to advance the LGBT agenda by destroying religious liberty in America. Not surprisingly, these two issues often clash, as is the case in a situation going down in Utah.

Fred Karger, a Republican homosexual activist who briefly ran for president in 2012, is working to build what he is calling “the biggest, loudest, and most comprehensive” legal case ever mounted against the tax-exempt status of the Mormon church. A long time critic of the LDS Church for its involvement in California’s Proposition 8 campaign back in 2008, Mr. Karger feels that the Mormon faith “needs to change with the times” when it comes to LGBT issues. And he has amassed a network of lawyers, researchers, investigators, and other like-minded organizations to take his fight to the IRS.

Karger told The Salt Lake Tribune that his probing of the LDS Church had fallen largely dormant after his failed presidential quest, only to be revived in the aftermath of the November 2015 LDS policy declaring gay Mormon couples “apostates” and generally barring their children from baptism until they turn 18. He also alleges LDS Church involvement in opposing same-sex marriage initiatives in as many as 26 states and the use of Mormon meetinghouses for political organizing.

A religious organization setting up rules that actually agree with its beliefs? And then acting on those beliefs? Oh, the horror.

Whether Karger is successful or not remains to be seen, but his effort exposes the true motivation behind the activities of LGBT radicals. They aren’t seeking equality; they want religious freedom in America to be destroyed.

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to seek the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, and I hope he keeps that promise. However, with the way he has been abandoning his campaign promises, his disturbing ignorance of the Constitution, and an open contempt for the Bill of Rights, I’m less than enthusiastic about the prospect of seeing the Johnson Amendment go away.

Regardless, I repeat my call for religious organizations and churches everywhere to rise up in civil disobedience by speaking out from the pulpit against those things that violate the Constitution and American morality. Our very survival as a nation depends on it.


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