Four-year-old preschooler expelled in the name of LGBT tolerance

Homosexual - teaching kidsTwo weeks ago I shared a story about how the Michigan State Board of Education was essentially guilty of child abuse by promoting the LGBT agenda through a policy that encourages children of any age to experiment with transgenderism. Under the policy, students were free to choose their gender, name, pronouns, bathrooms and locker rooms without parental consent or notification.

As it turns out, their policy is quite tame compared to a Colorado preschool that kicked out a four-year-old girl after her parents attempted to opt out their child from curriculum promoting sexuality, same-sex relations, and gender issues.

While Montview Community Preschool and Kindergarten introduced the curriculum without parental notification or consent, the mother of the girl maintained that it was her parental right to determine when, where and how her daughter is exposed to these sensitive issues. In response, the principal told her that opting out was impractical because discussions on these topics are sprinkled throughout the day.

No wonder schools today can’t find time for reading, art and physical education.

Despite the school’s assertions that this diversity training is necessary in order for students to truly understand the dynamics of society, the irony of having her daughter kicked out of school because she comes from a home with a different view on the issue of sexuality didn’t go unnoticed by the girl’s mother:

“There was no consideration for the bias against my family’s culture, faith and concerns.”

By the way, in a classic example of what “closing the barn door after the horse got out” looks like, the school’s director drafted a letter to parents addressing the issues raised during this fiasco; still refusing to change the agenda.


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