Fighting COVID tyranny: It’s time we use power . . . or lose it!

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When it comes to fighting COVID tyranny, it’s time we use power . . . or lose it!

After you’ve listened to this episode, you will understand why our government has created the ultimate dangerous monopoly for Big Pharma to violate our human rights.

There is no free market.

As such, we can’t have red states merely being passive in the face of an active, aggressive assault on our liberty. They must use the power to counteract the power given to them by the feds.

I’m joined today by civil rights attorney Aaron Siri, who is fighting vaccine injuries and helping with vaccine exemptions. He discusses a client who was injured by the child vaccine clinical trial from Pfizer and explains how the company tried to cover up the injury.

Can you imagine how many thousands of injuries and deaths are not being traced back to the shots? Aaron explains how this immoral system is working by the design the federal government established.

When you understand the principles laid out in the Constitution, it’s clear that COVID tyranny is our Founders’ worst nightmare.

Big Pharma monopolies and our God-given rights cannot survive together. And if we choose not to use fight COVID tyranny, the loss of liberty will become “the new normal” in America.



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