Evangelicals reveal God’s secret number code giving Trump the win!

lucky-sevensWell, tomorrow is the big day when the American people will decide who they want to lead this great country for the next four years. Don’t worry about it. According to many Evangelicals, the actual outcome has already been decided by God. Our freewill will have nothing to do with the outcome, because the numbers prove conclusively that God has chosen Donald Trump.

By numbers, I don’t mean Trump will get the most popular or electoral votes. According to some in the Body of Christ–and even a few psychics–the Sovereign God who spoke the world into existence prefers numerology when deciding presidential elections. Numerology is the occultic art of using numbers to predict and/or explain events, and there are Christians who believe that God decides elections using the occult instead of trivial considerations such as character and integrity.

Sadly, in today’s cheap grace, lukewarm American church, it’s easier on the conscience to break out a calculator than to break open the Bible. In an article by Erick Erickson a few days ago, he shared a little tidbit from one of his listeners on this very topic.

“Did you know that if Trump wins, on his inauguration then his first day in office he will be 70 years 7 months and 7 days. 777 is a prophetic number and my belief is God is placing him there for a much bigger purpose. He might be a jerk but my thoughts are his cabinet could make all the difference in the world and the big thing are the Supreme Court appointments. I believe God is hearing our prayers and giving us a most unlikely leader, kind of like how Samuel ‘discovered’ David.”

Wait a minute! “If” he wins? Wouldn’t it be guaranteed if God was using numerology to reveal His will?

By the way, a quick check shows that both “Hillary” and “Clinton” contains seven letters. Good thing three-of-a-kind beats a pair, or God would have a real mess on his hands.

In Erick’s article, he shows how these beliefs concerning Donald Trump are evidence about how easy it will be for the world to be deceived when the anti-Christ arrives on the world stage. While his point is entirely valid, I see the consequences as much worse.

The capitulation in this election by today’s so-called Christians has shown the world that being a Christian is no different than being an occultist, that a personal relationship with God is no different than being an atheist, that reading the Bible is no different reading Tarot cards, and that moral relativism is more important than conscience and conviction.


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