Europe’s rape epidemic by Muslim immigrants comes to America!

Islam Muslim rapeAs this week’s terrorist attack in Brussels reminds us, Islamic terrorism is a serious threat to the western world, prompting Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz to call for the administration to immediately halt plans to increase the number of Muslim immigrants coming to America.

Cruz took some heat from organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for his politically-incorrect recommendations, but his reasoning is sound. The rise in terrorism and other criminal activity is in direct correlation to the rise in Muslim immigration.

For instance, rape has become epidemic in Europe as a direct byproduct of nearly a million, mostly Muslim, migrants.

One recent headline from Sweden–where they, along with Denmark, are experiencing the highest incidents of rape in all of Europe–reports that 77% of rapes in that country are committed by Muslim males who comprise only 2% of Sweden’s population.

And now we are seeing this in America. According to a report at, America is witnessing a growing number of sexual assaults against women by Muslim men driving for various taxi services, including: Uber and Lyft.

In most of these cases the local media, along with local law enforcement, cover up the details regarding these perpetrators in the name of political-correctness. Almost never do they provide background details such as immigration status or country of origin. So if you were unaware of these facts, you can thank the politically-correct, left-wing media along with the mistaken belief by many that Europe’s problem isn’t our problem.

Clearly, now it is.

America needs to put aside concerns over being politically correct, and seriously consider bringing an immediate halt to Muslim migration until we get a handle on the situation. Our culture and way of life will be destroyed if we don’t.


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