Ebola: An excuse for racism?

Quote from Louis Farrakhan’s Twitter account

In 2008, those on the left held up Barack Hussein Obama as a candidate who presented an opportunity for America to elect a post-racial President; a man who could bring healing to a nation wounded by a history of racial division. Yet, from Attorney General Eric Holder to Obama himself, we have been fed a steady diet of race-baiting politics meant to silence anyone who dared to criticize or disagree with the man Louis Farrakhan once hailed as the messiah.

Disagree with Obama, for any reason, and get branded a racist—particularly if you are a Republican. The latest example of this reality comes to us courtesy of the Ebola threat facing the world.

Even though there are a growing number of nations either banning or severely restricting travel to and from certain West African nations overwhelmed with the Ebola epidemic, Barack Obama refuses to consider it for America, insisting that such isolation would actually spread the disease; a fact that his own CDC (Centers for Disease Control) appears to disagree with:

Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease. Twenty U.S. Quarantine Stations, located at ports of entry and land border crossings, use these public health practices as part of a comprehensive Quarantine System that serves to limit the introduction of infectious diseases into the United States and to prevent their spread.

Gee, quarantines and isolation actually LIMIT the introduction of infectious diseases and PREVENTS THEIR SPREAD. Things that make you go hmmmmm . . .

With the seriousness of this threat, Republicans, and even some Democrats, are calling for a ban on flights to and from parts of the African Continent to provide some protection to America until we know a little bit more about the threat. Surprisingly—not really—there are those who justify their opposition to such a ban as a blatant display of racism.

Right on queue, two of the Obama cheerleaders disguised as journalists at MSNBC, Alex Wagner and the tampon earring wearing Melissa Harris Perry, echoed these accusations of racism:

Typical of the confusion that passes for leadership in the world of left-wing Democrats, Dr. Obama—a title that the largest nurses union in America appears ready to bestow on the chosen one—Ebola poses no serious threat to America, while Secretary-of State John Kerry is calling it a scourge like HIV or polio, requiring global leadership to defeat it. Global leadership? I think that’s an appropriate conclusion, particularly since there doesn’t appear to be any American leadership.

I’m sorry. Was that racist?

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