DNC Moves Obama’s Night From Fake Outdoor Stadium To Real Inside One

The Democrat National Convention decided today to protect Obama from the embarrassment of speaking to thousands of empty seats  the public from inclement weather when the chosen one gives his acceptance speech as the Democrat nominee for President of the U.S. tomorrow by moving the event from a fake outdoor stadium to a real indoor one.

I refer to the outdoor venue as a fake stadium because the Democrats scheduled the event to transpire at “Panthers Stadium.” You see, there is no such facility as Panthers Stadium. The stadium where the Panthers play is Bank of America Stadium.

Of course, the Democrats have plenty of reasons to avoid the Bank of America name as we see in this tidbit from AllGov.com.

Less than four years after it was rescued with nearly $50 billion in taxpayer money, Bank of America has decided to add offshore call-center jobs in the Philippines.
The decision comes after BOA announced plans last fall to lay off 30,000 workers, and after it received $45 billion from the federal government during the financial crisis.

I guess Obama is a job creator after all, huh?

Despite this fact, the real reason for the DNC to make this last hour decision is quite possibly due to the fear that the empty chair President – props to Clint Eastwood for that great visual – was likely going to be speaking to thousands of empty seats due to waning interest the incredible popularity of America’s first half-black President.

As recently as this week, there were fears by those inside the DNC that Barry wasn’t the drawing card he was in 2008 when he filled Broncos Stadium Invesco Field at Mile High (Hey, I was just trying to be consistent with the whole fake stadium idea so popular with the DNC this year). There have been reports that the DNC was arranging to bus thousands of people to the fake stadium and giving away free tickets at local bars.

Even with these efforts, expectations for attendance were being tempered by even the Obama team itself.

“The way the stadium is constructed, its capacity is 74,000 for football,” Obama communications director Brent Colburn said at a briefing on Tuesday. “Our capacity is going to be lower on Thursday night because of staging, place for media, security, so we’re looking at approximately 65,000. We expect 65,000 to show up.”

Gee, I wonder why Invesco Field at Mile High was able to seat approx 84,000 for Obama’s speech in a stadium that seats about 72,000 for football games. Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmmmm…….

As mentioned above, the official reason being given for this move is quite different from these facts. According to DNC officials, the real reason is due to a fear of severe weather. This despite the fact that as recently as yesterday the official word was that it was going to be at BOA Stadium “rain or shine,” not to mention the fact that a local weather outlet is predicting the best weather of the week.

There are a few within the DNC who felt that perhaps God was going to bring bad weather as a way of getting back at the Democrats after they had initially eliminated any reference to The Almighty in the party platform. However, their position changed after they realized that having Obama as their nominee was like having God on the ticket, so it was a wash.

On a related note: in a move that could have been looked upon as an attempt to buy God’s vote, the Democrats changed the party platform to include God – and for good measure, Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – by a voice vote today. Even though the Chairman declared that the changes had passed – after it appeared that the “ayes” lost to the “nos” – the Dems elected not to risk the outdoor venue when it became clear that He isn’t welcome with the majority of the delegates in attendance.

Regardless of the real reason, it comes as little consolation to the Obama Fan Club mainstream media, who stand to lose “upper six-figure” amounts of money with this decision.


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