DNC Again The Darling Of The Leftist Media

As The Strident Conservative grows in popularity, requests continue to come in from others who agree with our “always right” position on the issues for the opportunity to be a guest blogger. Today’s post is such a request.

Jonathan Dickerson has written a great piece on media bias during the Republican and Democrat National Conventions. I hope you enjoy it.

DNC Again The Darling Of The Leftist Media

For the second straight election cycle, the Republican National Convention has had to play second fiddle to the media darling Barack Obama and his leftist regime. It would be difficult to find a time in American history in which the agenda for most of the major media outlets was so clear. Direct TV and cable news channels, with the exception of Fox News, acted as if the Democratic National Convention was the only event worth mentioning. And after last election, when the leftist media forced its candidate of choice down the proverbial throats of independent voters, it’s not really a surprise.

Conservatives are yet again tasked with battling a hype machine that only gets stronger thanks to coverage from the likes of the pandering populist CNN and the overtly liberal MSNBC.

By the numbers

It should come as no surprise that CNN and MSNBC garnered much less attention for the RNC than it did for the DNC. Between the two networks, the RNC had a combined total viewership of about 13 million, while the DNC had a viewership of more than 36 million.

Is it that conservatives chose alternative networks because of CNN and MSNBC’s habit of downplaying the party platform and the players involved? Or is it that those networks’ traditional left-wing audience decided that the RNC wasn’t worthy of their attention?

Instead of getting into a chicken vs. egg argument, it’s worth examining the underlying issue – the media’s love affair with Barack Obama and how it shapes public agenda.

Romney and Ryan

At this year’s RNC, the Republican running mates gave perhaps the most inspiring pair of speeches from in the last few decades. They called Obama out on his failed policies and flawed ideology. And their speeches energized voters – specifically undecided and independents – who are sick of the blame game that has become an all-out public relations strategy for the Democratic Party.

Obama has been repeatedly lauded for his ability to inspire hope and promise change. The media often highlights these moments implies that these are adequate criteria for electing a man President of the United States. But when Romney and Ryan accomplished the same sort of inspiration in their speeches during the RNC, the liberal news networks cited that the running mates failed to produce concrete solutions to currents problems. Since when has Barack Obama ever done that?

Bill Clinton isn’t a candidate

It should trouble voters that the highlight of the entire DNC was Bill Clinton’s speech. CNN and MSNBC seem to have forgotten that the former president was impeached on the grounds of an especially egregious form of dishonesty. The media outlets acted surprised that Clinton delivered a well-spoken, passive-aggressive speech that undermined the Republican Party. This is baffling because that sort of political game has always been Clinton’s forte.

Most Americans would rather have heard concrete solutions from Obama rather than listening to Clinton’s all-too-familiar rhetoric. The media attacked the RNC for calling out the President on his failed policies and then sat quietly while the members of the DNC retorted with the same strategy. But instead of hearing definitive solutions from Obama, Bill Clinton did what he does best and pandered to the left. And he was repeatedly praised for it.

Ironically, even Clinton has criticized Obama’s policies and politics, and he’s questioned his ability to be an effective leader. Instead of focusing on Clinton’s obvious contradictions in how he feels about Obama, the media instead acted like he sealed the deal for the incumbents. And that should come as no surprise. The media also hasn’t pointed out that this Obama campaign is bringing on an especially troublesome case of deva vu.


Jonathan Dickerson is a sales professional and a conservative American


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