Cory Gardner and Ken Buck for Colorado

Dont vote - Dont complain

Early voting is underway in Colorado, so it’s important to cast your vote in this vital election. And when you do, I strongly encourage you to vote for Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate and if you live in District 4 as I do, Ken Buck for Congress. I endorse these candidates for these reasons:

  • Despite promises by Obama and Udall, the Affordable Care Act has resulted in hundreds of thousands of Coloradans losing their health insurance, with more on the way after the elections when the employer mandates take effect. Corey and Ken will work to reverse this disaster by returning healthcare decisions to us and lowering costs through free market solutions.
  • Cory and Ken will work to restore sanity to developing America’s vast energy resources. They will work to reverse the agenda of the environmental extremists with policies that encourage an “all of the above” approach to energy development that lowers energy costs, creates jobs, and protects the environment.
  • Cory and Ken understand that free enterprise creates jobs, not the government. Through their efforts in the areas mentioned above, the economy will begin to see some recovery, but they are also committed to tax policies that will give businesses the capital they need to grow and create jobs. They will also work to reduce government bureaucracy, rein in government spending, and stop the liberty-stealing growth of the Federal government.

Cory Gardner carried a Conservative rating of 92 out of 100 last year, and Ken Buck’s track record as the Weld County D.A. proves his conservative credentials. For these reasons, I endorse Cory Gardner for United States Senate and Ken Buck for United States Congress.

You can hear my endorsement (below) on KLZ 560 The Source.