‘Conservatives’ join the far-left’s tyrannical vaccine mandate frenzy

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One of the topics dominating the Sunday talk shows this past weekend dealt with government vaccine mandates and, unfortunately, we learned that the idea is being accepted by “conservatives” as well as the usual lineup of far-left suspects.

FOX News — the network filled with “conservatives” who recently experienced an “altar call” and have joined the vaccine mandate frenzy — covered a New York Post story about how more vaccine mandates are likely to be imposed once the FDA gives its final approval for COVID-19 shots, indirectly confirming what we already knew about the miracle drug: it hasn’t been approved.

I think once the vaccines go through full FDA approval, everything should be on the table, and I think that everything will be on the table at the level of municipalities, states, employers, venues, government agencies,” Andy Slavitt, the Biden administration’s former COVID-19 response coordinator, told NBC News.

Once one or more of the vaccines are fully approved, Slavitt said he believes that federal agencies should begin to require the inoculation.

“I think every government agency ought to rethink what’s appropriate,” Slavitt said. “There are a number of people in surveys, by the way, who say precisely these words, ‘I’m not going to take it, unless it’s required.’”

Kathleen Sebelius, health and human services secretary under President Barack Obama, said that the mandates could be the necessary push to get more Americans vaccinated as more contagious strains, such as the Delta variant, spread across the nation.

“Shame on us if we sit here in July and don’t do something to increase the vaccination rates and then we can’t open schools or have a situation where, God forbid, the economy takes another hit because businesses have to shut back down,” she said. (emphasis mine)

During a segment on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, “conservative” panelist Margaret Hoover endorsed the idea of vaccine mandates, saying that patients receiving government healthcare be required to get the coronavirus vaccine, and that the government should make life “almost impossible” for the unvaccinated (via Washington Examiner):

“If you are going to get government-provided healthcare, if you’re getting VA treatment, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, anything, and Social Security, obviously, isn’t healthcare, you should be getting the vaccine, OK, because you’re going to have to — we are going to have to take care of you on the back end,” Hoover said.

“So there are a lot of things we can do without calling it a mandate but to just make it almost impossible for people to live their lives without being protected and protecting the rest of us,” she added. (emphasis mine)

Fellow panelist and ex-Chicago Mayor Rahm “never let a crisis go to waste” Emmanuel agreed with Hoover. “It becomes a reward/punishment-type system. You make your own calculation,” he said.

Of course, what these peddlers of propaganda are talking about is government taking away your liberty, and then doling it out in bits and pieces provided you comply with their dictates. If you fail to comply, you will permanently lose certain liberties.

Relatively speaking, Hoover’s suggestion isn’t as bad as it could be. Since most of the people receiving the government-provided healthcare she speaks of are seniors, she’s at least allowing them to live (for now) — unlike Gov. Andrew Cuomo who mandated the internment of the elderly in nursing homes and leaving them to die.

Government isn’t waiting on the FDA. As the Delta variant of COVID spreads — just think, there are 22 letters in the alphabet to go — government-issued vaccine mandates are also spreading (via Yahoo News):

Spurred by the Delta variant of the coronavirus, new cases of COVID-19 have risen in the U.S. by 170 percent over the last two weeks. Accompanying that rise, which is expected to continue to worsen heading into the fall, a slew of new vaccine mandates are being enacted across the country.

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Monday that it will require 115,000 of its frontline health care workers to be vaccinated over the next two months.

“Yes, Veterans Affairs is going to in fact require that all docs working in facilities are going to have to be vaccinated,” President Biden told reporters Monday in the Oval Office.

Earlier this month, San Francisco issued a new policy requiring city employees to be vaccinated.

“To protect the health and safety of all City employees and the public, the City has implemented a new Vaccination Policy,” the policy states.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has also pushed local businesses to issue their own vaccination requirements.

The state of California followed San Francisco’s lead, releasing a new policy that requires state employees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or undergo weekly testing for the virus starting Aug. 2.

Some San Francisco businesses have elected to surrender to government tyranny, choosing to voluntarily be the “muscle” behind vaccine mandates.

The common theme in all of this is one thing: GOVERNMENT.

If you work for the government, you must comply with vaccine mandates. If you don’t work for the government but receive government benefits — benefits you paid for by the way — you must comply with vaccine mandates.

And if you run a business, you only do so by the benevolence of the government. So, if you want to stay in business, you will eventually be required to comply with and enforce vaccine mandates.

Tyranny used to be easy to spot in America, but it’s getting harder because “conservatives” have joined the far-left in the never-ending quest for absolute power.


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