‘Conservative’ media would rather own the libs than spread the truth

Yesterday, FOX News joined a host of faux-conservative media outlets to report on the “uproar” created by actor Mark Ruffalo when he tweeted the link to a Time Magazine article disparaging free market capitalism.

With a call for “an economic revolution,” the multi-millionaire, who starred as the “Hulk” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as Robert Bilott in “Dark Waters,” told his 6.3 million Twitter followers that capitalism was “failing us, killing us, and robbing our children’s future.”

Obviously, Mr. Ruffalo’s moment of “wokeness” is absurd and hypocritical, but not surprising. After all, Hollywood has become the home of liberal elitists ignorantly enamored with socialism.

What is surprising, however, is how FOX and others immediately jump on the opportunity to “own the libs” when it comes to the spread of socialism while turning a blind eye to so-called conservatives who have embraced the same anti-capitalist/pro-socialist beliefs as those on the Far-Left.

FOX News’ very own Tucker Carlson proclaimed in a keynote speech at this past summer’s National Conservatism Conference that the free market is a greater threat to liberty than big government. “The main threat to your ability to live your life as you choose does not come from government anymore,” he declared. “It comes from the private sector.”

The conference also featured a speech by the new darling of the faux-conservative crowd, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO). Hawley attacked the free market for creating a “powerful upper class” and called for a “new consensus” to address the economic “discontent of our time.” This wasn’t an aberration. In a recent interview with The Atlantic, Hawley shared his vision for remaking the GOP — spreading Trumpism after Trump is gone and ending the Party’s free-market worship forever.

In today’s GOP, Hawley has already seen some success in advancing what I call the “conservative socialism” agenda. Back in April for example, he and Sen. Rick Scott (another faux conservative) abandoned free market principles and introduced a bill that would impose price controls on prescription drugs. The socialist implications of their bill are so great that it’s been described as legislation that “could have been written by Bernie Sanders.”

Speaking of Bernie Sanders, it should be pointed out that Mr. Ruffalo has endorsed the Vermont senator for president due to his socialist policies. When Bernie Sanders becomes the measuring stick for both Republicans and Democrats concerning policy, clearly a love for socialism exists, regardless of party affiliation.

Another well-known member of this new breed of conservative socialists is Sen. Marco Rubio. At a recent speech at Busch School of Business at Catholic University, the Florida Senator lamented the decay of America’s social fabric and care for one another. Rubio argued that the free market alone will not solve America’s problems, saying “Economic growth and record profits alone will not lead to dignified work,” and he called on government to address areas where “market principles and . . . national interests are not aligned.”

Rubio also pushed for new child tax credits and paid family leave — programs he and Ivanka Trump have been working on since 2018 — because the market should only exist “to serve the interests of the country.”

When Donald Trump (self-proclaimed nationalist), his buddy Mitch McConnell (self-proclaimed Grim Reaper for socialism), and others pretend to defend liberty, they’re lying. They’re just as dedicated to advancing socialism as every Democratic Socialist in Washington and are, in fact, responsible for its growth.

The faux-conservative media could be reporting this truth, but they’re too busy right now owning the libs to do so.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative.

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