Conservative Comedy Friday – Coronavirus Quarantine Edition

coronavirus quarantine

Welcome to Conservative Comedy Friday – Coronavirus Quarantine Edition.

Did you know that Denver International Airport was put under mandatory quarantine after it was discovered that several of the employees had contracted COVID-19 from a group of international passengers?

The doctors are calling coronavirus a “terminal” illness.

As the saga of our government overlords leveraging coronavirus hysteria into an opportunity to turn America into a tyrannical socialist state continues into the summer season, many are still convinced that police-state styled quarantines are a perfectly acceptable approach to dealing with the so-called pandemic.

While some governors and mayors implemented their “stay-at-home” orders judiciously, others were a bit more Orwellian and heavy-handed, particularly when the citizenry resisted.

How out-of-control did these Big Brother wannabes get? In his latest song parody, Reason TV’s Remy answers this question with Surfin’ USA (Beach Boys Lockdown Parody). Remy hangs ten, but could be out in five with good behavior.


One area where government clearly overstepped its bounds was in the area of religious liberty. 200 people in a Walmart? No problem. 200 people in a church? “We’re shutting this place down!”

Still, some church leaders continued holding services, even to the point of being arrested while other less-determined individuals held drive-in services or virtual services over the internet — a task more difficult than it sounds.

In this recent bit from Saturday Night Live — which was broadcast while cast members were in quarantine — we get a hysterical look at how hard it was for congregants to attend a virtual church service at Mt. Methuselah Baptist Church.


After nearly three months of mandatory quarantines and stay-at-home orders, some of our tyrannical government leaders are benevolently allowing their loyal subjects to “reopen” the country. But we’re finding out how this isn’t what it sounds like.

Our routines have changed. Our jobs (if you still have one) have changed. How we interact with others has changed. What we once thought was “normal” has now been replaced by what is being referred to as the “new normal.”

The humans we once were are gone, and a new species has evolved from the tyranny: The Post-Quarantine Human. In this satirical documentary, we follow a day in the life of this new species. Quit honestly, it all goes downhill after you shed the pajama skin.


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