Conservative Comedy Friday – Coronavirus Hysteria Edition

Welcome to Conservative Comedy Friday – Coronavirus Hysteria Edition.

In his never-ending quest to shift the blame away from himself, Trump recently pointed a finger at the World Health Organization (WHO) for his failures to address the coronavirus pandemic sooner, and I’m not going to let that stand unchallenged.

For example, the organization announced very early in the process that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Based on that fact, dogs that had been in quarantine were quickly released.

To be clear, WHO let the dogs out.

It’s no mystery to my readers and listeners that I am convinced our government overlords are leveraging coronavirus hysteria into an opportunity to turn America into a tyrannical socialist state. And it’s also no mystery that there are many who disagree with me.

One of the surprising accusations leveled against me for insisting on my rights is that I want people to die. Of course, this is nothing new. In fact, it’s quite common for politicians to accuse anyone who disagrees with their Big Brother, tyrannical agenda of wanting people to die. What other reason could there be to oppose them?

*cough* Constitution *cough*

This reminded me of a great video from a few years ago by Reason TV’s Remy where he perfectly satirized this fact. From tax cuts to nanny-state legislation, the only reason anyone would oppose their “good intentions” is because you want people to die.


I’ve also had a number of people disagree with my position on the $2.2 trillion CARES Act. According to some, my opposition to Trump’s record-breaking stimulus shows my selfish, un-Christian heart, and proves how little I care for others.

The reality is Trump’s bailout left Bush and Obama in the dust was he exploded the size of government and financed a lot of the pet projects of the Far-Left. And besides the fact that it was only necessary to begin with due to the tyrannical overreaction to coronavirus hysteria, most of the money went to special interest groups and supporters of the Unibrow Party.

In his latest song parody of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage,” Remy shows us how America has been taken to the cleaners while politicians and special interests pocket the proceeds of the stimulus.


One of the most obvious tyrannical responses to the pandemic are the “stay-at-home” orders being issued nationwide by governors, mayors, and other trustees of the government. This has forced even the local news media to work from home. In this last video, the folks at It’s a Southern Thing give us a glimpse of what that looks like with the latest from Quarantine News Network. QNN: Live, local, and locked inside.


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