Conservative Comedy Friday – 8/16/19

Welcome to Conservative Comedy Friday. First, a Trump success story.

At one of his recent rallies, Trump spotted a very old man holding up a sign that read, “Thank you, President Trump, for my happy childhood!” Flattered, but curious as to how he could have been responsible for this, Trump went up to the man after the rally and asked him just what he had to do with his childhood to make it so happy. “I wasn’t even president then,” Trump said.

“That’s why I’m thanking you” replied the old man.

Following the recent shooting tragedies, Trump spoke to the nation to offer some of his ideas on how to stop such senseless violence. Included in his list of post-9/11 inspired proposals was a call to ban “violent” video games. Believe it or not, Trump could be on to something.

In this classic song parody by Reason TV’s Remy, we hear the tragic story of how he ended up in prison as he looks back on his violent past and contemplates where it all went wrong and who’s to blame.


Bernie Sanders is having trouble gaining any serious traction in his latest bid for president. In this stand up/song parody by The Capitol Steps, Bernie has a message for voters. And he’s going to keep on shouting it until everyone listens!

Musical satire and parody from the Capitol Steps is performed Friday & Saturday at the Reagan Building in Washington, DC. Visit them at


One of the top agenda items for Bernie and his fellow Democrats is a finding ways to address so-called global warming, even if it means becoming more like Europe in the process.

This commentary by Alfonzo Rachel is in response to a new idea that the world needs to decrease the work week to save the planet. This was recently proposed in an editorial for The Guardian by Andre Spicer.

By the way, Zo is an awesome musical talent and actor. He is the leader of the band 20lb Sledge and he played the role of Detective Stark in the movie Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. Learn more about his work at

Have a great weekend!


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