Conservative Comedy Friday – 5/27/16

In the words of John McCain, “Allahu Akbar It’s Friday!” And of course that means it’s time for some conservative comedy. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best conservative political and religious comedy, jokes, and satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend.

Donald Trump “sealed the deal” Thursday when his delegate count pushed over the magic number of 1,237 with multiple states left to go to further pad his margin of victory.  The people have spoken – and they’re using very short (frequently 4-letter) words.

While Hope n’ Change isn’t wildly enthusiastic about Mr. Trump owing to some policy differences (we favor having policies), we suppose we’ll now have to be more supportive of his campaign. Which would mean not pointing out that he sounds almost exactly like Billy Mumy in the scariest-ever episode of “The Twilight Zone,” in which 6-year-old Anthony Fremont has zero impulse control coupled with absolute power over his terrified parents and neighbors.

Lady And The Trump 1


Jodi Miller at Newsbusted takes us into the weekend with these headlines: America receives a bit of good economic news, Obama’ visit of Hiroshima, and Bernie Sanders’ recent win in the Oregon primary. Additional stories include: Venezuela’s healthcare crisis, George Clooney’s “Money Monster” movie, and Iran accuses Kim Kardashian of being a spy. She wraps up the week with a story on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s continuing sexual confusion.


Donald Trump comes out swinging in this Songify spoof of his interview with Megyn Kelley, and proves to have the 2nd best flow in the politician game, behind only the Prime Minister of The Marshall Islands, Eminem.


ZoNation is gone, but AlfonZo Rachel is still preachin’ the Conservative word with his new show called The Zo Loft. After reading a recent article on, Zo reminds us how the same-sex marriage issue has led to the current flood of sexually-deviant issues.

Zo is a Christian conservative social / political humorist, whose work is distinguished by his grinning delivery and rapid fire rant style in his video commentaries. You can see more of his stuff at

Have a great weekend!