Conservative Comedy Friday – 10/11/19

Welcome to Conservative Comedy Friday. We begin with a true story.

A seriously injured elderly man is in the intensive care unit of a hospital. The doctor asked him, “What happened to you?”

The man replied, “I’ve been thinking about liberty in America.” Confused, the doctor inquired: “And from that you received these serious injuries?”

The man explained, “Years ago I did the Reagan-test where I stood in front of the entrance of the White House and shouted, “To hell with Reagan!” Everyone standing around me laughed.

Still confused, the doctor said, “That still doesn’t explain your injuries.”

The man replied, “This morning I did the Trump-Test.”

OK… It’s not really a “true” story. But when it comes to the Trump cult, it could be.

True to form, the battle for the Democrat nomination for president has turned into a Democratic Socialists’ dream as candidates work to find new ways to redistribute the wealth in the hope that they can buy the votes they’re unable to earn.

In this song parody of All My Loving by the Beatles, Reason TV’s Remy discovers that the hysterical, shrieking crowds building around the Democrats are there for only one thing . . . the entitlements!


When the Transportation Security Administration was first created, the agency’s overzealousness led to mocking of the TSA acronym, referring to it as “Thousands Standing Around” and “Taking Scissors Away.” But in a story at The Resurgent by frequent contributor to the Strident Conservative David Thornton, we discover that the TSA has finally outdone itself by the close inspection of a large quantity of… wait for it… Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

This story is another reminder of how Big Brother continues to chip away at our rights in the name of so-called safety. It also reminds us of how the TSA continues to exceed its mandate while simultaneously violating our liberty.

In this song parody of Billy Joel’s The Longest Time, Remy humorously reminds us of this otherwise sad fact.


Let’s get back to the Democrat candidates and their socialist agenda. It’s no mystery that a major part of the Far -Left’s game plan is to demonize capitalism, and unfortunately, so-called conservatives often provide the fodder they use to spread their anti-capitalist propaganda.

In this rant by Alfonzo Rachel, calls out liberals who lie about capitalism as well as conservatives who often give liberals the language they need to lie with.


By the way, Zo is an awesome musical talent and actor. He is the leader of the band 20lb Sledge and he played the role of Detective Stark in the movie Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. Learn more about his work at

Have a great weekend!


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