Conservative Comedy 7/26/13

It’s Conservative Comedy Friday at the Strident Conservative so it’s time to laugh! As I do every Friday, I’m happy to bring you some of the best Conservative political satire I’ve found on the internet.

The Whitehouse press room’s grand old lady of anti-Semitism, Helen Thomas died this week. The 92-year-old alleged journalist died of natural causes in a freak mirror explosion, but her spirit lives on. The birth of the “Royal Baby” brings to mind a quote from the great Mark Twain, politicians are like diapers – both need to be changed frequently, and for the same reason. Especially our Pampered (but constantly leaking!) president.

Check out two commentaries from The Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change on these topics. 

Jodi Miller at Newsbusted is off and will be back next week. Steven Crowder is off this week as well, but I found a timely video from his archives I think you’ll enjoy. Is America the country our Founders envisioned? A music video by the Powdered Zombies gives us the answer.

And how do you explain the facts of life to a liberal? Andrew Klavan at PJ Media gives us the funny answer to that question.

Have a great weekend!