Conservative Comedy 7/18/14

Allahu Akbar It's Friday

It’s time for some Conservative Comedy at the Strident Conservative. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best conservative political comedy, jokes, and satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend.

Despite the flood of illegal aliens, which Barack Obama called a “humanitarian crisis” requiring an emergency expenditure of $3.7 billion bucks (almost none of which will actually help secure the border), the busy, busy, busy president couldn’t take time off from glad-handing rich donors at fundraising events in Texas to actually visit the border and take a look at the situation.

He did, however, reluctantly agree to a hastily arranged meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry to talk about the growing emergency. Well, not actually talk, but listen. Okay, he didn’t listen either – but at least he was in the room – giggling – long enough to get a picture taken. But the president didn’t spend his entire visit to Texas whoring himself out to the wealthy and laughing uproariously about our fallen borders. He also took some time to fight negative racial stereotypes by drinking beer and playing pool.

From a serious journalistic and editorial standpoint, the Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change  would really like to describe Mr. Obama’s actions as something other than “acting like a complete idiot.” But we can’t.

Jodi Miller at Newsbusted provides plenty of laughs this week on several news stories, including: the John Boehner lawsuit against Obama, record cold weather in Australia, and Joe Biden’s comments on gun control. Additional stories covered include: the illegal alien situation, earthquakes in Oklahoma, and Megan Fox’s pregnancy. If it’s in the news, Jodi has something to say about it.

As we mentioned above, Joe Biden is in the news again over the issue of gun control, so I felt like it would be a good idea to replay a video from the folks at Songify the News. Last year, Joe “foot-in-mouth” Biden advised Americans to buy a shotgun for self-defense. He further suggested that firing warning shots into the air would provide all the protection you need. It is, after all, the way his wife Jill handles things. Meanwhile, politicians and pundits broadcast warnings of flying robots and spies.

AlfonZo Rachel took notice of the fact that there were a few “stupid” news stories this past week, such as Joan Rivers is being asked to apologize for calling President Obama gay, and for calling Michelle a tranny. As Zo points out, why should she apologize? Newsweek already called Obama the “first gay president” and everyone in the White House, Michelle included, have told us that being homosexual or trans-gendered is awesome.

Also in the “stupid” news this week: Target Corp. has asked patrons not to bring firearms into their stores. Zo gives us his take on these odd stories in a way that only he can.

Zo is a Christian conservative social / political humorist, whose work is distinguished by his grinning delivery and rapid fire rant style in his video commentaries called, ZoNation, featured on PJ Media. If you like his work, you can experience the creative energy and conservative insight that Zo delivers in every show by ordering the ZoNation Complete Series Collection. Check it out!

Have a great weekend!