Conservative Comedy 6/28/13

It’s Conservative Comedy Friday at the Strident Conservative. We have a full plate of some of the best political satire on the internet to get your weekend started.

The Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change brings us two excellent commentaries this week. The first covers Obama’s ridiculous statement about how global warming is the greatest threat of our time—radical Islamic terrorism is so yesterday—and the second deals with Obama’s castrated—i.e. no balls—response regarding the Edward Snowden affair. Is there more there than meets the eye?

Chris Matthews (MSNBC) thinks that Obama’s pathetic speech in Germany last week wasn’t his fault. Marco Rubio really is in favor of a fence, but not the one you’re thinking of. Is George Bush is now more popular than Obama? Will LeBron James be facing a new tax from the Democrats? Jodi Miller at Newsbusted hilariously covers these and other stories.

Creepy-ass cracker—you know I love you when I say that—Steven Crowder brings us some clarification on some of the controversies in the George Zimmerman murder trial. 

Misfit Politics brings us Part II of their Lord of the Rings parody, The Lording Over The Guns – Biden’s Epic Anti-gun Quest of Epicness. After a long and totally unnecessary trek, the gang finally makes it to the mystical land of Hollywood where they are waylaid by Sebastian the Runner who unceasingly guards a mysterious Empress. Meanwhile, Agent seeks help from those who might defend 2A, but gets less help and more headache than he bargained for.

Have a great weekend!


Global warming greatest threat


No jets for Snowden