Conservative Comedy 5/24/13

It’s Memorial Day weekend in America. Obama is still the President; Benghazi is still a cover-up; the IRS is still being used by the Administration to take out his political enemies; and the Department of Justice is still doing all it can to destroy the Constitution.

But hey, it’s Friday! Let’s laugh!

As we do every week, we are proud to bring you the latest from Jodi Miller and Newsbusted, along with the Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change

But just like Obama voters waiting in line for a free cell phone, we wanted more. And we found it in Steven Crowder (we featured his Jesus vs Muhammad video a few days ago). Steven is a stand up comic, a FoxNews Contributor, and a social/political commentator. As he tells his viewers: “Liberalism is a disease… Meet the cure.”

This week, we take a satirical look at the Benghazi, IRS, and AP scandals, Obamacare, the New York City decision to allow illegals to vote, Randi Rhodes, Twinkies, and a potpourri of other current events.


Have a great weekend!