Conservative Comedy 1/3/14

Allahu Akbar It's Friday


Happy New Year!

It’s time for some Conservative Comedy at the Strident Conservative. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best Conservative political satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend.

Anxious to put the distant and disastrous past (2013) behind him, president Obama has turned his laser-like focus squarely on the future and signed a proclamation making January “National Slavery Prevention Month.” The president signed the anti-slavery proclamation in Hawaii, where he is currently taking a multi-million dollar luxury vacation funded entirely by slaves to big government, i.e. taxpayers.

Technically, the full name of the proclamation is “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month,” and it seeks to cut down on slavery nationally and internationally by developing “economies that create legitimate jobs…and empower our daughters and sons
with the same chances to pursue their dreams.”
In other words, simply raise the minimum wage and end “income inequality” by burning down the antebellum mansions of the filthy, disgusting, moustache-twirling evil rich unless they happen to work in the sports or entertainment industries. So says the Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change.

As 2013 wound to a close, Jodi Miller at Newsbusted had some great New Year’s Eve observations. Watch as she covers: Obama’s 2014 New Year’s greeting to America (which sounds a little bit like one of his Obamacare promises), the liberal version of Christmas (the gifts suck), and an amazing new study that tells us why having daughters tends to make families Republican. Racist text books in Illinois, Justin Beiber, the greatness of Joe Biden, and a surprise at a McDonald’s drive-thru are also covered. Prepare to have your funny bone tickled.

AlfonZo Rachel continues his 2013 year-in-review with Part II: Transparency Arrogancy and Part III: Anticipation for Future Elections Could Give GOP Nasty Side Effects (you can view Part I here). In Part II, Zo wonders why the President elected with the promise of transparency—who has had the NSA leaks, who had his promises directly confronted by Edward Snowden, and has an IRS scandal that only Nixon could have dreamed of—is able to avoid accountability. Could it be transparency arrogancy? And Part III brings a word of caution from Zo for Conservatives who are getting a little too excited about the 2014 and 2016 elections without knowing who the alternatives will be.

Zo is a Christian conservative social / political humorist, whose work is distinguished by his grinning delivery and rapid fire rant style in his video commentaries called, ZoNation, featured on PJ Media. If you like Zo’s work, be sure to check out his Audio Book to get insight on promoting conservatism in the culture and letting the liberals trip over their own nasty narrative at

Have a great weekend!

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