Conservative Comedy 12/18/15

Allahu Akbar It's Friday

It’s Conservative Comedy time at the Strident Conservative where I bring you some of the best conservative political and religious comedy, jokes, and satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend.

The Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change is excited, because the long, long wait is nearly over. Yes, we’re talking about the next Democratic presidential debate which has been curiously scheduled for Saturday night. What’s curious about that? Well, it’s the last Saturday before Christmas, so presumably most people who aren’t complete social pariahs will be at parties instead of huddling around the TV. And millions of others will be packing theaters to see the new Star Wars movie.

Now take Republicans, conservatives, and the clinically sane out of the viewing demographics and you end up with such a tiny number of potential viewers that it’s almost like the Democratic party really doesn’t want people to see and hear their candidates. And as Yoda might say, “blame them for this, you cannot.”

Jodi Miller at Newsbusted takes us into the weekend with these headlines: ISIS needs to lay off Obama, a recession is on the way and it’s Bush’s fault, and a new study on texting. Additional stories include: A 41-year-old teacher is caught having sex with an 8th grader, vegetarians are suffering from anxiety, and tax delinquents could find it harder to travel. She wraps up this week with stories on the rise of STDs and the new season of Survivor.

Now that the holidays are here, many of us will be traveling to places nigh and far to visit family and friends. With that in mind, I have found a series of very funny TSA videos from GoRemy at Reason TV. What happens when the holiday season’s most frequent flier meets the TSA? “I Saw Daddy Pat Down Santa Claus” is written and performed by Remy and produced by Meredith Bragg.

AlfonZo Rachel has noticed how liberals are calling Donald Trump racist because he believes Muslims should be denied entrance into the U.S. Is that a racist move or a national security move? Should it also be considered that it’s not racist if terrorists can’t enter and kill the people of color who also live in America? Hear more in this ZoNation.

Zo is a Christian conservative social / political humorist, whose work is distinguished by his grinning delivery and rapid fire rant style in his video commentaries called, ZoNation, featured on PJ Media. If you like his work, you can experience the creative energy and conservative insight that Zo delivers in every show by ordering the ZoNation Complete Series Collection.

BONUS: The new Star Wars is finally here, so we are encoring the Star Wars Libertarian Special. It features Senate filibusters, border patrol stops, eminent domain, a guest appearance by Edward Snowden, and rarely seen footage from Chewbacca’s galaxy-trotting documentary series about free-market economics.

Have a great weekend!

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