CO governor blames Conservatives for Planned Parenthood shooting

Hickenlooper on CNN

By now, you’ve probably heard about the shooting rampage that occurred over the Thanksgiving weekend in Colorado Springs, CO at a local Planned Parenthood location. And as the nation mourns another senseless crime, the facts are still being discovered as to what motivated the suspected killer.

But that hasn’t stopped Obama’s BFF, John W. Hickenlooper from establishing his own set of “facts” on the event.

In an interview on CNN, John “Wimp” Hickenlooper shared how he has determined that the shooting was a clear case of “terrorism” as a result of the “inflammatory rhetoric” created by conservatives.

“It is a form of terrorism, and maybe in some way, it’s a function of the inflammatory rhetoric that we see on all, I mean, so many issues now. There are bloggers, and, you know, talk shows where they really focus on trying to get people to that point of boiling over and just intense anger.

And I think maybe it’s time to look at, how do we tone down some of that rhetoric?”

Besides the obvious attempt to connect the word “terrorism” with “bloggers” and “talk shows,” according to Johnny Boy, it’s websites like The Strident Conservative along with talk-show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others that are fully responsible for the unknown motivation of a sexually-confused crazy person. Not only that, but since these conservatives are obviously the cause of these unknown motivations, there is a clear need to “take a look at how (to) tone down some of (the) rhetoric” they create.

In other words: let’s look for ways to shut them up and shut them down.

After the suspect was rumored to have mumbled something about “no more body parts,” Planned Parenthood joined forces with lefties like Hickenlooper to put the blame for the tragedy squarely on the shoulders of pro-life conservatives. And the president of Planned Parenthood blamed the recently released series of undercover videos, which exposed many of their barbaric practices, including keeping aborted babies alive long enough to harvest their body parts for sale. One such video documented how an abortion was conducted in a way as to provide a born-alive baby in order to harvest the brain; a process that was done by cutting into the child’s face in order to get it.

Many in the left-wing media have called the videos “discredited” as a way to “blame conservatives” for the Colorado Springs shooting, and there are even those in Washington who have jumped on the “Planned Parenthood good – Conservatives bad” bandwagon, such as Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA):

“It is time to stop the demonizing and witch hunts against Planed Parenthood, its staff and patients.”

Again, let me point out that the motives of the shooter have not been determined and are still under investigation. But since when has the left, particularly when it comes to the right to kill the unborn, ever let the facts get in the way of their agenda?

In the end, this tragedy in Colorado Springs serves to remind us once again about how far from home we really are and how we’ve lost our way — just as abortion itself does.

And for Hickenlooper to attempt to politicize these events in some sort of left-wing propaganda effort to validate his pacifist viewpoint of the world is proof that he’s not only lacks leadership skills, but he is completely unqualified to be governor of this great state.



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