Chevy Volt Commercial We Would Like To See


On a serious note, Government Motors has been a colossal failure and the Chevy Volt is the poster child. Here’s what Seton Motley, a consultant and the Founder and President of Less Government, had to say about it:

“The Barack Obama Administration and its Government Motors minions have spent billions of dollars in the attempt to make the Chevy Volt the ‘Green Car of the Future.’ Its dismal sales tell us that the Chevy Volt has no future – unless the Obama Administration continues to prop it up with massive government money subsidies.

“We’ve seen Obama’s 2012 reelect campaign laundry list – I mean budget – and he unfortunately intends to not only continue the subsidies, but increase them.

“But not only does Obama’s Chevy Volt ‘Green Car of the Future’ have no (free market) future – it has no green.  It can’t even make the cut for the 2012 list of ‘green’ cars.  A compiling of pseudo-‘green’ mobiles that burn mostly coal – far dirtier than petroleum – to get their petroleum-substitute electricity. So the ‘green’ machines – aren’t so green.”

If you want to see the latest estimates on how much America has lost from the Obama UAW bribe GM bailout, you can check out for an up-to-date tally and what it would take for America to get her money back. There’s also a pledge you can sign informing Goverment Motors CEO Dan – I’m not a car guy – Akerson that you won’t buy his product until they pay us back.

General Motors and Barack Obama misled the American people about the auto bailout. They told us they would manage our money wisely, that it would be a good investment, and that we would even make a return on our investment. Instead, we have been stuck with a massive bill.

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