Buzzfeed attack on HGTV stars, the 2017 NDAA, and Religious Liberty Protection laws


Last month, I wrote a piece asking a very simple question–“Will the lame-duck Congress protect religious liberty for the military?“–after Democrats and RINO Republicans objected to and amendment to the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) known as the Russell Amendment. The measure–named after the author, Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK)–reaffirmed religious liberty protections that have existed for decades, but have been under fire ever since an Executive Order by Obama that prohibits chaplains from using vendors that align with their religious beliefs when those beliefs conflict with Obama’s pro-LGBT agenda.

Unfortunately, the pathetic GOP leadership in the House and Senate appear ready to cave to the anti-Christian, pro-LGBT liberals as a compromised version of the NDAA was just rolled out. According to House Armed Services Committee member Adam Smith (D-WA):

“It got rid of a lot of bad language, like the Russell Amendment . . . and it included a lot of Democrat initiatives. It was a pretty good bipartisan effort…”

Why is it that every time a Democrat uses the word “bipartisan” we end up with something that gives them everything they wanted while we get nothing? In this compromise bill, the “bad” Republican parts were removed, and they were replaced with “a lot of Democrat initiatives.” Smith could have saved time by simply saying, “GOP leadership caved, as usual.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only anti-Christian, pro-LGBT story of the week.

A few days ago, Buzzfeed–a social content site posing as a “news” outlet–ran a hit piece on Chip and Joanna Gaines, the hosts of the successful Fixer-Upper program on HGTV who happen to be Bible-believing Christians and attend a Bible-believing church.

What terrible wrong did these two outstanding individuals commit? NOTHING! They were targeted because, horror of horrors, the pastor of their church believes that homosexual sex is a sin, and that marriage should only be between one man and one woman. And it’s quite possible that Chip and Joanna feel the same way (although the “reporter” at Buzzfeed never proved or disproved the possibility).

Clearly, Buzzfeed’s sole motivation was to plant a non-existent controversy in the minds of HGTV management in the hope that the network will cancel the show based on the religious beliefs of the hosts concerning the LGBT agenda–something HGTV has done in the past, by the way.

It’s no mystery that the Gay Mafia has specifically targeted Christianity as the enemy in their war on morality. Christian bakers, florists, photographers, pizza restaurants, and farmers have been in the news for years as homosexual activists targeted them for destruction. In addition, churches have been targeted, often with the help of local government as we recently witnessed in Iowa and Massachusetts.

The assault on Christianity by the Gay Mafia is real, and Congress has considered legislation protecting the First Amendment in the past, but as things get worse, we need to demand a Federal Religious Liberty Protection Law to protect Christian business owners and churches against the pro-LGBT extremists. Take action now to tell Congress to pass such a bill to protect Christian small businesses and churches, and keep men out of our daughters’ bathrooms.


One last thought…

I often hear from the pro-LGBT crowd that my claim about targeting Christians is bogus. If that’s true, why don’t we ever hear about the Gay Mafia targeting Muslim business owners and their spiritual leaders who oppose LGBT? And why don’t we hear about protests against Muslim politicians and the Imams they follow?


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