Bill Clinton slams “crazy” Obamacare, but it’s not what you think


Recent statements by Hillary’s husband about the crazy failures of Obamacare has the hearts of Conservatives across the county going pitter-patter. Finally, according to their reasoning, we have a Democrat–Bill Clinton no less–saying what most Americans have known from the very beginning; Obamacare doesn’t work and needs to be repealed and replaced.

Well, as Morpheus told Neo in The Matrix:

In other words: knowing that Obamacare is broken and needs to go away is one thing, but knowing which path we take going forward is another.

While the only solution to the hijacking of one-fifth of the US economy by Big Brother, Nanny State liberals is a return to free market principles, Bill Clinton, along with Hillary and a host of Bernie Sanders types in Congress, see the failure of Obamacare as the opening they need to move American healthcare one step closer to a nationalized single-payer system–which has been the goal all along.

As the final days of his time in office wind down, and he no longer cares about the political repercussions of his actions, Obama himself has called for changes to the landmark legislation that often bears his name. He acknowledged in July that “more work to reform the healthcare system is necessary” do to the high cost of premiums, deductibles and prescriptions we are witnessing in the current “complex, sometimes bewildering system,” and the fact that too many Americans “remain uninsured.”

Unfortunately, due to the spinelessness of Mitch McConnell and crew, Obamacare has been funded without conditions since the GOP took the reigns of Congress in 2014, so the power of the purse to stop this train-wreck has been surrendered.

Democrats, led by Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, have introduced a resolution–it already has 32 co-sponsors–to add the public option to the insurance exchanges to provide competition against the free market insurance companies remaining in Obamacare–a proposal meant to be used as a vise to squeeze the few companies still participating in the exchanges until they are driven out of business.

In typical liberalese, Democrats claim that the public option would be needed all along due to the fact that free enterprise insurance companies couldn’t be trusted, not because Obamacare failed or that regulations under the Affordable Care Act would make it impossible for them to operate profitably.

“Supporters of the public option warned that private insurance companies could not be trusted to provide reliable coverage or control costs,” said Richard J. Kirsch, who led a grass-roots organization that fought for passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2009 and 2010. “The shrinking number of health insurers is proof that these warnings were spot on.”

By the way, Colorado will vote in November on a state-run single-payer healthcare system, and New Jersey is looking into a similar system. Different approach — same government-run disaster.

Democrats may finally be criticizing Obamacare, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it means they have finally come around. They’re just laying the groundwork for the federal government to socialize American healthcare.


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