Barack Obama: Loves muslims – Hates Israel

Obama Iran NetanyahuAccording to an Israeli official, Obama is about to agree with nearly 80% of Iran’s demands in the discussions with that rogue nation regarding their nuclear ambitions.

When Rep. John Boehner announced that he had invited Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to speak at a joint session of Congress to help members better understand the situation in the Middle East as they consider additional sanctions against Iran. Besides his opposition to additional sanctions-_-probably because his Middle East policies have been so awesome—Barry cried foul because some sort of “protocol” had been violated when he wasn’t consulted.

After a subsequent invitation to take part in the discussions—the Muslim appeaser-in-Chief still declined to appear with Netanyahu, claiming that it has been a longstanding policy in Washington for the President to avoid appearing with dignitaries who are facing reelection, such as Bibi is next month.

The reason for this alleged policy is to avoid influencing the outcome. But, if Barry doesn’t want to influence the elections in Israel, why have members of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, including Jeremy Bird—been sent to Israel to do just that?

Using financing provided by a State Department grant—that’s U.S. taxpayer money folks and could be illegal under Israel election laws—OneVoice, a group formed in 2002 to promote Israeli-Palestinian dialogue and the two-state solution has partnered with the radical V15, an “independent grassroots movement” in actively opposing Netanyahu.

According to an officer with One Voice, these efforts are completely above-board, stating that the group would be working with V15 on voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts, but would not engage in overtly partisan activities. Convenient, because while V15 hasn’t endorsed any particular candidate, their opposition to Netanyahu is clearly partisan.

American political consultants from both parties often take on international clients, so the involvement of Obama’s flunkies in an election outside of America isn’t all that unusual. But there’s nothing usual about Obama’s history of Islamic appeasement and long track record of anti-semitic, anti-Israel behavior.

He clearly loves muslims and hates Israel.