Announcing The Citizen’s Obamacare Police Squad – Whatcha Gonna Do?

It was just a few days ago that Obama let America know that the private sector is doing fine and that it was the pubic sector big government that needed the most help in creating jobs that would keep the recovery worst economic rebound since the Great Depression on track.

Thanks to today’s unlawful rewrite of RobertsCare Obamacare by Chief Justice Roberts, the Supreme Court “Constitutionalized” the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act – an oxymoron if I ever heard one – by calling the individual mandate a “tax.” Obama is now free to create hundreds, if not thousands, of big government jobs via a new governmental division that will operate under the auspices of the Internal Revenue Service. Announcing the. . .


Citizen’s Obamacare Police Squad


This new division will be commissioned to hunt down the hardcore criminal element known as the “uninsured American subject.” These “unsubs” – sounds cops-like, doesn’t it? – will be harassed billed for “taxes” due for failing to carry private health insurance.

With the announcement, the Administration is taking credit for creating more jobs, in addition to making a down-payment on his call to create a civilian police force that’s as well-funded and well-equipped as the military. According to an unnamed source:

Today’s decision is great news for the President. From his days as a candidate to today, he has been committed to using goverment to make his vision of a fairer and more equal America a reality. The creation of C.O.P.S. is not only a vehicle for enforcing goverment healthcare, it’s a down-payment on his promise to create a civilian police force.

When added to the use of unmanned drones over US airspace, as we currently are doing to enforce EPA regulations and monitor the border, President Obama has done more than any President in history to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

As a part of the administration’s marketing campaign to promote these new jobs, Obama is borrowing the theme song from a famous television show – complete with video showing real police arrests so everyone can get a feel for what’s ahead – to launch the department.

Can’t you just see it now? Guns drawn and lights flashing. . . Down on the ground, suspect! Show me your insurance card!



With apologies to Leslie Nielsen, knowing the way government performs, perhaps a better song and video would be the intro to Episode One of Police Squad. Not only does it give a real picture of government operations, but the title of the first episode reflects the reality of Obamacare. The mandate “tax” is a broken promise and it is a substantial gift to Obama’s vision of a socialist America.



So, America. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

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