After election, Obama’s agenda goes on steroids

Constitution burningWith just a few days remaining before America puts either a con-artist or a convict in the White House, the reality is that Steve Deace was 100% correct when he recently said, “we are royally screwed either way.” The damage to the Constitution is a given, and the only questions remaining are how fast and how far the damage will go.

But before we turn the keys to the family truckster over to either one of these equally deplorable and unqualified individuals on January 20, 2017, America still has to complete her journey with the current destroyer of the Constitution, Barack Hussein Obama. And it could be a bumpy, if not catastrophic, commute from election day to inauguration day.

When candidate Obama was running for president in 2008, one of his so-called strengths was his background as a Constitutional scholar, even though plenty of evidence existed at the time that he had very little regard for our most sacred document. This evidence proved to be conclusive throughout his presidency as he increasingly relied on his pen and phone to fundamentally transform America.

What could the monarchical, constitutionally challenged, Dictator-in-Chief do between November 9, 2016 and January 20, 2017? The possibilities are limitless . . . and frightening.

Using the Constitution–he doesn’t mind using or bending it when he can personally benefit–a few examples of what Obama could do include:

And outside the Constitution–his preferred method for getting things done–Obama could accomplish anything left on his bucket list, leaving the constitutional questions for his successor and the courts to settle.

Ironically, Obama recently warned America about the danger Trump could bring to the Constitution if he beats Hillary–a point I tend to agree with. But while that could be considered hypocritical behavior by the president, it could also be looked at as a sort of “heads up.”

After all, Obama certainly knows what violating the Constitution looks like.


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