I just want to remind my readers that tommorow is Election Day. If you haven’t already voted early, be sure to vote tomorrow and help take back America from the hands of the Progressives.

I am giving my space today to a staunch advocate for responsible energy policies. In her opinion piece, she shows us just important it is to understand what we face concerning the radical environmental agenda and their “politically correct power.”

As you know, there’s nothing I hate more than political correctness.


Politically Correct Power

by Energy Makes America Great

November second is not only the date of the important mid-term elections, it is a big day for global warming policy, as two states are set to make decisions with far-reaching implications.

In New Mexico, a governor-appointed board is scheduled to deliberate on a statewide cap and trade proposal and California will vote on whether or not to continue down the prohibitively-expensive “green” path.

New Mexico’s state-wide cap and trade program has raised the ire of business and industry groups. The Environmental Improvement Board is tasked with making the decision after weeks and weeks of contentious hearings. The deliberations take place on November 2 where they will be buried in election news.  

Governor Richardson wants the statewide cap and trade program as a final bullet point on his resume. Proposal proponents—believers in man-made global warming—acknowledged that the regulation will make energy more expensive and will do virtually nothing to impact global climate change. They believe climate regulations need to start somewhere and have decided to make New Mexico the leader, expecting that other states will follow.

Opponents of the New Mexico-only plan point out how it will kill jobs and chase out business, as the rules will make working in the state more expensive than the surrounding states. New Mexico has seen this as fact with Governor Richardson’s “Pit Rule”—making oil and gas extraction more expensive. Companies have left the state. As a result, revenues and jobs have fallen dramatically. New Mexico understands that statewide-only policies, such as the Pit Rule, do directly hurt the economy.

A New Mexico-only cap and trade program will do the same thing. Understanding the economic damage, both gubernatorial candidates have promised to repeal the onerous Pit Rule and both have campaigned against the statewide cap and trade proposal. 

In California, they have been arrogant about the fact that their Renewable Portfolio Standard is higher than any other state. As a result, they have been pushing forward with major renewable energy projects which will make energy more expensive and chase business out of the state. They’ve become victims of their own political correctness.

While they may be more “green,” they have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. There is an obvious connection.

As a result, Proposition 23 is on California’s November second ballot. In short, Proposition 23 would put all of California’s aggressive renewable energy, greenhouse gas reducing plans on hold until the economy is stronger—specifically an unemployment rate of 5.5% or less for four consecutive quarters.

Heading into the November second election, polls show 48% of California Voters oppose Proposition 23. (Interestingly, they’re probably the same people who will be first in line to buy the over-priced, taxpayer-subsidized Volt and will find themselves charging their cars with ever-more expensive energy.) Considering the make-up of the California electorate, it is surprising that the opposition to 23 is not greater.

Attempts to meet California’s renewable energy standards are being funded by federal subsidies—meaning taxpayers nationwide have to pay for California’s overzealousness. If they want all this renewable energy, they should have a bond to pay for it. If voters saw the real cost, they’d think differently. If Proposition 23 passes, it will signal a shift away from climate change policies.

New Mexico and California, or any other state, should be looking for cheaper power, not politically-correct power—AC/DC not PC.

Marita Noon is the Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great Inc., the advocacy arm of CARE (Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy), the New Mexico nonprofit organization advocating for citizens’ right to energy that is abundant, available, and affordable. CARE works on energy issues state, region and nationwide. Find out more at