Abortion and Planned Parenthood funding exploded under Trump

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Abortion and Planned Parenthood funding exploded under Donald Trump

Despite the claims being made by his sycophantic followers ahead of the 2024 election, abortion and funding for Planned Parenthood exploded during Donald Trump’s presidency.

If you’re one of my social media followers, you may have noticed a discussion taking place on my Twitter account about how Trump was an opponent of abortion and Planned Parenthood funding who would have succeeded in defunding the baby butchers if not for “RINO Speaker McCarthy” preventing him from doing so (you can find the thread here).

Putting aside the fact that McCarthy wasn’t leading the GOP during Trump’s presidency (that would be Paul Ryan), abortion and Planned Parenthood had some of their best years under his so-called leadership.

Shortly after Trump lost the 2020 election, Planned Parenthood released its 2019-2020 annual report documenting an increase in the number of abortions performed, as well as an increase in taxpayer-funding of the slaughter. The report showed an increase of nearly 3% in the number of abortions performed over the previous year, helping Planned Parenthood set a new baby-killing record.

The number of Planned Parenthood abortions reached a record high of 354,871 — an increase from 345,672 in 2018-2019 — and represented the murder of over 972 unborn children every day on average. In addition, taxpayer-funding for the baby-killing organization increased from $616.8 million to $618.1 million — $1.7 million daily or $1,748.97 per baby.

Of course, the cult dismissed these facts. After all, didn’t Family Research Council President Tony Perkins once call Donald Trump “the most pro-life president in history?” And didn’t the Fellowship of the Pharisees praise the Republican Party in 2016 for creating the most pro-life party platform ever?

If merely talking about being pro-life meant the end to the murder of unborn babies and defunding Planned Parenthood, the abortion holocaust would have ended years ago. However, since talk is cheap, Donald Trump and the Republican Party spent their time pretending to do something to end the baby-killing holocaust without really doing anything at all.

For example, do you remember Trump’s Title X “Protect Life Rule” that would allegedly defund Planned Parenthood of about $60 million per year? Despite the loud hosanna’s heaped on Trump by pro-life organizations — many of whom profited nearly as much from abortion as the baby butchers themselves — Trump’s Rule did nothing to defund Planned Parenthood (note the increase in taxpayer funding found in the annual report), nor did it do anything to reduce the number of baby killings they perform.

As I wrote at the time, there were two reasons for why this happened:

  • The White House openly admitted at the time that the Rule wouldn’t “necessarily defund Planned Parenthood.” All the baby butchers had to do was incorporate some creative bookkeeping to “disentangle taxpayer funds from abortion” to keep getting paid.
  • Planned Parenthood didn’t need Title X income to begin with because Trump and the Republican Party had already increased their Medicaid and other reimbursements from other federal spending to make up the $60 million “loss.”

Planned Parenthood’s 2019-2020 record-setting performance followed their previous record-setting performance of 2018-2019. But after nearly five decades of Republican failure to defend life since Roe v. Wade, what else would you expect?

By the way, if financing baby-killing wasn’t already bad enough, the report also showed that Planned Parenthood found another taxpayer-funded cash cow: hormone “sex-change” treatment for minors. Launched in 2018, Planned Parenthood began providing hormone “sex-change” treatment for minors — a service paid for by taxpayers through Medicaid.

Transgender services are found in the sub-category of “other procedures.” This category increased nearly 83% (from 9,738 in 2018 to 17,791 in 2019-2020), most likely due to Planned Parenthood’s addition of transgender services. At the time of the report, there were more than 200 Planned Parenthood facilities (a third of the total facilities) in 31 states providing hormone therapy for transgender patients.

But let’s get back to Trump’s phony defense of life.

Following the reversal of Roe v. Wade last year — which did nothing to end the murder of unborn babies — and with “save the courts” no longer a rallying cry, Donald Trump and the Republican Party are playing a new game of politics with the abortion issue as the number of them continue to increase.

Abortion procedures rose in the U.S. last year. According to a recent study released by the Guttmacher Institute, there were an estimated 1,026,690 abortions performed in the formal health care system in 2023, the highest number measured in the United States in more than a decade. This equals about 15.7 abortions per 1,000 women of reproductive age and a 10 percent increase since 2020.

Unfortunately for the millions of babies murdered since Roe v. Wade, Donald Trump and the “pro-life” Republican Party have abandoned faith, values, and science to embrace the idea that human life may or may not begin at conception and adopting the incrementalist approach to abortion by allowing unborn babies to be murdered as long as it is done in the first 15 weeks or so of pregnancy.

For example, Arizona Republican candidate for US Senate and Trumpist, Kari Lake has gone from being “100% pro-life” as a gubernatorial candidate to promoting “rare and legal” abortion shortly after the Dobbs decision (via AP News):

In her most expansive comments on abortion since the ruling last month, Lake told a Phoenix talk radio host that it should be “rare and legal” before saying twice that it should be “rare but safe.” Ross Trumble, a spokesman for Lake, said she meant to say only “rare but safe.”

As the current Republican candidate for the US Senate representing Arizona, Lake has moved even further left concerning abortion. On her campaign website, Lake says she opposes a national abortion ban, preferring to leave the issue to states. “Arizona’s law currently allows abortions up to 15 weeks, and Kari does not support a federal ban on abortion,” her website says. “Abortion is, as the courts decided, an issue for states to decide, not the federal government.”

If Lake’s new position sounds familiar, it’s because it is nearly identical to the position held by the Republican Party’s moral and spiritual leader, Donald Trump, including the idea of a 15-week ban. Ane even though Trump touts himself as the “most pro-life president ever,” he still attacked the six-week abortion ban in Florida, calling it a “terrible thing and a terrible mistake.”

Another “conservative” sellout on the abortion issue where Trump is concerned comes to us from a member of the Fellowship of the Pharisees, Robert Jeffress, who defended Trump’s objection to an abortion ban. According to Jeffress, Trump is “very pro-life”, but his comments were simply his way of “pointing out a political reality” concerning the unpopularity of abortion bans among many voters.

Thanks to Donald Trump and the Republican Party, more babies are being murdered every year in the US at taxpayer expense. So, before you vote in 2024, you need to decide if you’re going to support life, or if you’re going to defend Donald Trump and support abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Because you can’t have it both ways.


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