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Race Card Just As Ugly When Played By Republicans

April 5, 2010
Race Card Just As Ugly When Played By Republicans

Playing the race card has become the modus operandi for the loony-left whenever they are forced to defend the policies of the Socialist-in-Chief. We’ve heard it from his friends, his advisors and even himself. There were members of Congress– both minority and non-minority – who falsely played the race card during the unpopular healthcare hijacking. Question the bank bailout?    Racist!! Doubt the government takeover of General Motors?   Racist! Oppose Obamacare?   Racist! Question Obama’s citizenship, experience, associations, appointments?   Racist! Racist! Racist! True to Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” (the official bible of liberals progressives), the race card has become the weapon of choice in their efforts to demonize those…

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