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Obama, Mafia Politics And The Supreme Court

April 3, 2012

According to a report released by the University of Illinois /Chicago, Chicago is Number 1 in public corruption while the State of Illinois is ranked Number 3 so far as corrupt states go. So, it should come as no surprise that the Godfather President of the United States – who cut his political teeth in the Windy City – would channel his inner gangster when he attempted to intimidate the Supreme Court as they prepare their decision regarding Obamacare’s constitutionality. “Ultimately I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary event by overturning a…

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Is The Left Really Upset Over Rush’s “Slut” Comment?

March 5, 2012
Is The Left Really Upset Over Rush’s “Slut” Comment?

Warning: this piece contains vulgar language. Rush Limbaugh took some heat for the words he used on his nationally syndicated radio program to criticize a Georgetown Law student, Sandra Fluke, who spoke on Feb. 23 at a meeting of the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. The words he used are “slut” and “whore.” If you believe the Obama cheerleaders – aka the mainstream media – this was so egregious that Rush should be drawn and quartered, or at least put out of business. He has already lost several of his major advertisers – though I am sure he will replace them…

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The “P” In Pelosi Stands For Psycho

July 30, 2009

Psychotic – a person suffering from any form of psychosis Psychosis – A mental state caused by psychiatric or organic illness, characterized by a loss of contact with reality and an inability to think rationally. A psychotic person often behaves inappropriately and is incapable of normal social functioning. _____________________________________________________________________ In yet another evidence that frequent botox treatments can cause brain damage, Psycho (oops – I mean Speaker) of the House, Nancy Pelosi, went on a “blame game” tangent when she accused health insurance companies of being “villains” in the healthcare debate taking place on Capitol Hill.  “They are the villains…

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