Shannon Joy: What does independence mean?

What does ‘independence’ mean to me? I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days and here’s what I’ve come up with …

Independence is to move into a space that is outside of this world and outside of what everyone tells you this world should be. To meet God and to be what he means for you to be.

It is to touch something spiritual and make it physical so that it manifests into a life that is not dictated by fads, trends or worldly pursuits but by a profound truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. By a creator … who loves you.

You are an individual. You are MORE than ‘the collective’. You are MORE than an abstract ‘global community’. You are more than a ‘stakeholder, shareholder or member of the community’.

You are INDEPENDENT! Equipped by THE sovereign, powerful & almighty God to care for yourself and your family and your local community. You don’t need planners or owners or government to take care of you. You need only faith in God and a commitment to his ultimate truth.

You cherish and respect those who disagree with you and who pursue a lifestyle that is different from yours. You allow for the hatred of your beliefs because that respects the liberty of others. You afford to them the same liberty that God afforded mankind – a CHOICE to accept him or to reject him.

You willingly accept the consequences of your choices and actions. You take responsibility for your failures and your successes.

You understand that there is danger and risk in independence but that those risks are no more dangerous than the risk of sacrificing your self sufficiency and your family to the whims of an entitled collective.

Independence is the ultimate peacemaker because it allows for each person, each family, each town and village to pursue their own happiness … and that happiness is dependent upon cooperation and collaboration. Not globally – but locally.



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